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hanso 1/14/2014 1:19:55 PM

 Judi Dench for WASP!

lazarus 1/14/2014 9:37:47 PM

So I will throw this out there. So Hank Pym, brilliant scientist, wife beater, and all around general a-hole, makes a suit in the 60s that can shrink a person to microscopic size while retaining their strength, weight, and inertia.

Now it is 50 years later and we are still using the same technology. It has not been changed, improved, updated in 50 years. Or more importantly SHIELD has NEVER heard of this. Right.

This is a really really stupid way to approach this, sorry. Dennis Leary would be a GREAT AntMan. Cocky, arrogant, intelligent. He could pull it off. And exactly where does Wasp fit into this?


Munkey421e 1/15/2014 3:03:20 AM

lazarus got home. . . your drunk. all we got is the casting of two characters and a vague hint of the plot and your assuming that the tech is going to "outdated" by the time Lang steals it from Pym? we don't know what the capabilities are going to be. for all we know Pym kept the tech a secret and hung the research up a long time ago and never made any more advancements on it, or made advancements over the coming years and found that he could shrink, grow large among other advancements. hell for all we know the higher echelons of SHIELD do know about the Pym tech. 

but until we get more info your making alot of huff and puff over conjecture and speculation. lets back up a few steps and just discuss the casting. So you think Leary would be better, great! i couldnt see him in that role myself only because i think he is a litttle too cocky and arrogant for Pym. would rather have seen Aaron Eckhart.

Higgy 1/15/2014 12:49:13 PM

OMG, you guys and the "wife beater" bs.  He hit her once, which was stupid, but you act like he beat her senseless and that he did it all the time.  For crying out loud, it's a comic where the Wasp got the crap kicked out of her on a regular basis by the bad guys, I think she can handle a slap across the face.  Yes it was a stupid move on his part, but seriously, it's a comic book character and you act like he's alive...they can change the history of the character in the movie to whatever they want, you do know that right?

And we don't know what the story is, so those of you who are speculating how they're getting it wrong, are ridiculous.

I think this choices they picked are good, I just hope the story is as good.


lazarus 1/15/2014 9:27:16 PM

Okay get the story straight. He did not hit her once. He actually used his powers on her multiple times. One time to bury her in wasp form with a swarm of ants. Hank Pym is a pretty disturbed character if you ever read the history of the guy. And yeah I really don't like the way they are going with this origin. Hank could be in the first couple of movies and then the suit eventually handed over to Lang.

Higgy 1/16/2014 12:43:53 PM

No Laz, YOU get the story straight.  You're talking about regular Hank vs the Ultimate Hank.  Regular Hank only hit her once and then never forgave himself and even opened up a home for battered women.  Ultimate Hank was the real abuser.  Maybe you need to crack open the ol interwebz and read the history of Hank yourself.

FerretJohn 1/16/2014 5:53:28 PM

Higgy's right Laz, you're mixing the Ultimates version of Hank Pym with the mainstream Marvel character, neither of which by the way is the movie version.  The Ultimates Hank Pym was a truly disturbed and abusive bastard, mainstream Pym his his wife once while suffering a nervous breakdown and has regretted and tried making up for it ever since.  What the movie Pym will be like we shall see when the movie comes out.

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