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Michael Medved: Ignorant or Deliberately Deceptive?

Misleading statement about Stanley Kubrick goes unchallenged on POLITICALLY INCORRECT.

By Steve Biodrowski     March 27, 2000

On a special edition of ABC's television show POLITICALLY INCORRECT, host Bill Maher was discussing the Oscar telecast with a panel of guests including Chris Isaak and Michael Medved. The conservative critic was spewing his usual bile about an alleged Hollywood liberal agenda, when Maher brought up the subject of EYES WIDE SHUT (which includes a song by Isaak on the soundtrack). Medved made the ridiculous statement that the film was so bad that the Academy neglected to include producer-director Stanely Kubrick in its 'In Memoriam' segment of the Awards show.

Now, it is a fact that Kubrick was nowhere to be seen in the 'In Memoriam' section. But it is also a fact that numerous clips of his films were on display throughout the ceremony, from 2001: A SPACE ODYSESSY, SPARTACUS, and DR. STRANGELOVE, OR HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB; so it's not as if he were being slighted by the Academy. Additionally, there is a very good reason why Kubrick was not given the obituarial treatment at this year's awards. If Michael Medved would care to listen, I'll explain it so that even he can understand it. The reason is this:

Stanely Kubrick died early in 1999, before last year's Academy Awards ceremony. His passing was considered so significant that, instead of including him with the montage of clips devoted to other actors and filmmakers who had passed away, an entirely separate tribute to Kubrick's work was introduced by Steven Spielberg. That's right: Kubrick was remembered by the Academy--at last year's show.

So I don't know, Michael. Maybe the Academy felt that not mentioning Kubrick's death this year was a way of commenting on the quality of EYES WIDE SHUT. Or perhaps (and maybe this is just me being silly) they didn't feel the need to do obituaries for the same man on two consecutive years. You present yourself as such an expert on movies, I have to wonder: Did you not know about last year's tribute, or were you deliberately ignoring it in order to try to make your feeble point?


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