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January 09, 2007

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Greetings Inmates!

(uh that's "Maniacs!" - Ed)

Welcome to FanFilmFocus,

One might reasonably find themselves thinking "hey, who's your tailer, I love your threads Maelstrom!" but this wouldn't be the time for that, so we'll go with one's NEXT likely thought,

"there's no way you're gonna find anything that tops Grayson, there can't be THAT many fan-films of THAT studio quality level out there, give it up!"

And that one might be more or less right, but mostly less, because FanFilmFocus Entry #2 is not only Studio quality, it's made by a Batman fan that has also worked for major motion pictures as a Concept and Creature Designer.

His name is Sandy Collora and this is what I dug up about him:

Full Name: Santo Joseph Collora.
Nickname: Sandman
Home: Huntington Beach, CA.
Birthday: August 8, 1968.

Fave Directors: Ridley Scott, Vince Lombardi, Fincher, Spielberg,
Cousteau, Ali, Patton, Stallone.

Fave Artists: Frazetta, Bisley, Malvina Hoffman, Brom, Basquiat, Joe Sorren, Alvarez
Schnabel, Caravaggio, Moebius.

Top 10 Movies: Blade Runner, Jaws, Raiders, City of Lost Children, Rocky, Seven
Aliens, BigBack Wednesday, Star Wars, Basquiat.

      • Solomon Bernstein's Bathroom (1999) Director
      • Dogma (1997) Concept artist, Creature FX crew
      • Men In Black (1995) Creature designer
      • The Arrival (1994) Creature FX Designer, storyboards
      • Guyver, Dark Hero (1993) Set designer, Concept artist, miniature FX
      • The Crow (1993) Set and prop design, sculpture
      • Deep Red (1992) Concept artist, storyboards
      • Jurassic Park (1992) Concept artist, logo design, storyboards
      • Total Recall (1991) Concept artist, creature FX crew
      • Return To Frogtown (1992) Creature FX supervisor, storyboards
      • Robocop 2 (1991) Creature FX Crew
      • Predator 2 (1990) Concept artist, storyboards
      • The Abyss (1990) Concept artist, creature FX Crew
      • Spaced Invaders (1990) Creature FX crew, storyboards
      • Nightmare On Elm Street 5 (1989) Creature FX Crew
      • Little Monsters (1989) Creature FX Crew
      • Alien Nation (1988) Creature FX Crew
      • Leviathan (1988) Creature FX Crew    

While he's got a lot of Creature design and FX experience, this is only his second outing as a Director (at least that he's willing to admit to publicly AHAHAHAHAHA).

What're we talking about?

FanFilmFocus Entry #2: Montauk Films and Level 7 present a Sandy Collora Film
Written and Directed by Sandy Collora

Cost: $30,000 U.S
Release Date: July, 2003 at The San Diego Comic-Con.
Running time: 8:04m
Inspired by: The Original Batman, The Dark Knight and Alex Ross' Batman.

THE PLOT: I escape (ahem - Ed)

"The Joker" escapes from Arkham Asylum and Batman attempts to bring me back in, but unfortunately for his sCowl'ship, some uh "people" neither of us were expecting show up and take this fanfilm up a notch to an entirely different level than anyone was expecting!

They certainly took me up to a different level.  The ROOF.


FanFilmFocus Scoreboard:

Directing: Is "Fragging Awesome" acceptable as a rating?

The quality here on display is nothing short of Hollywood A level.  I know from Sandy Collora's resume that he's got major motion picture experience with creature designs and creature FX, but so what? that does not necessarily or even implicitly "a Film Director" Make. 

His choreography and scene construct (from beginning to middle to segue to jump to pay-off) on display here is an aesthetic joy to experience.  How many times have we seen Directors NOT know how to either construct or conclude a scene?  How many times have you felt like punching a Director's lights out with a 20 foot red boxing glove for getting lazy and simply jumping in a disjaring or unsatisfying manner from one scene to another? 

There's none of that here, we're talking seamless and pleasurable scene choreography.

Give this guy the Director's chair on a major motion picture already!

If you like I'll have my henchmen kidnap Paul W.S Anderson and we'll give Sandy his chair?


Sandy Collora Director Score: A+

Batman Portrayal
: Classic Grey'n'Black cowl Batman.

Visually/cinematically Batman DE opens with a beautiful classic comic-book scripted jump-shot that requires Batman to compact his body, consequently the effect is highly memorable but the `residual' image because of that compacting is dangerously close to that of a short Batman. I Subtract 1 point for that, should have changed aspect ratio or otherwise stretched Batman there to make that perfect. 

Other shots however such as the fantastic elongated Cape and pretty well much the rest of the film's sequences particularly with the Joker (and with "the others") establish Batman properly as a tall upright swift experienced dangerous and fierce ass-kicker.

Clark Bartram Nails Batman Classic.

Batman Portrayal Score: A

Joker Portrayal: Moore/Bolland's Killing Joker.

This is an almost PERFECT portrayal of The Joker. Moore and Bolland's Joker as depicted in The Killing Joke is imo the definitive Joker.

Thin, Drawn, Vicious.
Childlike, Maniacal, Theatrical, Terrifying.
Unredeemable, Unstoppable.
Utterly Insane.

Someone who will scar or destroy you without a second thought or any remorse, someone so seductive in their lunatic brilliance that you will gladly eat your own flesh just to see him smile for you.

(OKAY you can stop now, you'll go blind - Ed)

Again I only have 1 complaint that causes me to subtract one point and stops me from giving this portrayal an A+ and that is that Joker's face and brow furls too intensely for a moment when he's talking at Batman.  As any Lunatik knows, a furled brow is a sign of two things.

1. that one is concentrating intensely

2. that one is easily emotionally manipulated.

and often

3. a sign of lower intelligence.

Joker shouldn't appear to be concentrating and emotionally distraught when he's arguing at Batman, it makes him look small and weak. He flips this around brilliantly a moment later, by laughing it off, but I prefer Joker to deliver his thoughts effortlessly.

"Ease" denotes the high level of charm and intelligence he has.

Aside from that one (nit picky - Ed) moment however, this is an eerily real portrayal of The Joker that will probably haunt the nightmares of those people out there that aren't yet aware that The Joker is very very real, and very likely still on the loose.

In a neighborhood, somewhere near You.


(OKAY then - Ed)

Go Away Ed.

Too bad he's not on screen for longer!

Andrew Koenig Visually IS The Joker: 

Joker Portrayal Score: A


Overall FanFilmFocus Score: A

Punch Here To Watch Batman: Dead End:

WORST StarTrek Character? - michaelxaviermaelstrom footer michaelXmaelstrom


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ashsaytr 1/9/2007 3:47:41 PM
this is good... the best one about you...and maybe im getting ahead of myself here is "Patient J"... Now the suprise on this is unexpected and very well done... kudos to the director... and keep it up... thanks~ ash
michaelxaviermaelstrom 1/12/2007 12:55:42 AM
Thanx Ash! I agree, Patient J is outstanding! btw, if anyone wants to upload reviews of their top picks for their favorite FanFilms feel free to do so. I may be insane but I'm not insanely jealous, just ask the last guy that hit on Harley Quinn! (he can breath OK so long as nobody unplugs him - Ed) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I know no one needs my "permission", obviously everyone can do as they please here but that's to let those of you out there that might have been holding off/back, waiting until I finish, and/or who were otherwise spectacularly engaging in well-brought-up net etiquette. It's cool. No need to wait on moi to finish to add your own fanfilm faves. Go for it. You can use the same sort of format I'm using and title it FanFilmFocus but with your own review 'natch if you like, or make up your own title and format, and upload your own fave fanfilms, whatever you like, it's all good. -- mXm
skyn3t 1/17/2007 7:33:17 AM
You know what would be awesome? If people started making fan films of some of these classic reads, like the Killing Joke. I'd SO watch it, and so would other Batman fans alike.
Jakester 1/22/2007 10:06:43 AM
Yes. "Fragging Awesome" is an acceptable rating for this movie. For World's Finest as well. Oh...and it's "tailor," nutjob.


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