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Midnight Panther

The traveling musical group The Pussycats is the hottest thing around. Lou, Kei and Sonya are three sexy singers with a legion of screaming fans in every town. But these pussycats have claws.

Singers by day, assassins by night. Unbeknownst to their fans, The Pussycats are also female assassins who will kill anyone if the price is right. Sonya is a haunting seductress who kills in the heat of passion. Kei transforms into a panther who devours her prey. Possessing supernatural strength and savage fighting skills, Lou is a match for any foe.

They never miss their target, and their next target is a despotic king who rules by fear and crushes dissension with an iron fist. But for one of the Panthers, it's not just another job... it's personal.

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Region 2 - Japan/Europe

Midnight Panther Vol. #1 by Beam Entertainment
Midnight Panther by Anime 18
Midnight Panther by Anime 18
Midnight Panther by Anime 18