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67th Golden Globe Winners Are (Article) - 1/18/2010 3:32:30 AM

Dont completely agree with the winners, guess how much your movie grosses makes a difference and the popularity of the actor/actress/director. Hard for a new-commer to win here and harder to win an Oscar.

7 Movies That Make a Grown Man Cry (Article) - 1/18/2010 3:29:05 AM

How about when Ralph Machio's character in the Outsiders dies? Or Patrick Swayze in Ghost?(probably not :p) Hillary Swank in Million Dollar Baby, I was all ready for a girl boxing movie, thought it was cool she broke her neck and thought she would teach or something....and the heffa had to go and die! I was like DAMN! lol Oh McCulley Culken in My Girl, that was a good movie also.

PIRANHA 3D Pushed Back (Article) - 1/15/2010 9:54:39 AM

If their affraid of losing box office sales to Kick-Ass then this movie wasn't worth the time it took to remake then. With the way 3-d is being used today, that would've been a reason to see it for some people. As long as there was a decent acting. Fact is: outside of a cult following during the Killer Fish Era of movies, Piranha wasn't a good flick at all. It didn't do well in theaters, became over shadowed by all the movies centered around same theme.

15 Iconic Movie Weapons (Article) - 1/15/2010 3:22:43 AM

Good list, but I'd add Star Trek's phaser gun, Batman's Utility belt,and maybe Conans sword.

15 Cancelled TV Shows That Were Ahead of Their Time (Article) - 1/14/2010 4:13:38 AM

What is the problem with Fox not keeping shows?!?! I remember when Fox became a network, I wonder if its a budget issue or maybe their trying to compete with network tv and those networks have an established viewer base. Fox may do better on cable....hmm?But then have to compete with Scifi, TNT,TBS and Spike. Fringe will be the next show to be canceled on Fox, mark my words.

Lionsgate Seeks TERMINATOR Rights (Article) - 1/14/2010 4:07:14 AM

the bad thing is....I'm not sure the Terminator franchise is worth what Lionsgate is going to have to pay. They will grossly over pay for a franchise that may have run its course.

FOUR BROTHERS Sequel Coming (Article) - 1/14/2010 4:04:41 AM

Now there is a 5th brother? Really? Who is the adopting parents .....Brad and Angelina? More like a Foster Home situation to me. The movie overall was decent, acting was sub-par and the plot predictable. But it did make money compared to how much it was made for.Will be interesting to see where this story goes and who the 5th brother is.

8 Gratuitously Sadistic Guilty Pleasure Movie Moments (Article) - 1/13/2010 5:34:59 AM

Any scene from the cult movie series " Faces of Death", just absolutely classic. I think the 1st Saw movie where the cop runs down the hall after "Jigsaw" and trips the wire to a shotgun and blows his head off....nice. Another classic scene is from the movie " American Me" , where a guy gets raped with a ok. There are alot of movie scenes that could be named, but those are my 1st choices.

Sly on EXPENDABLES Action (Article) - 1/13/2010 3:57:29 AM

nope, u go to New Orleans and have a good time and be safe. I prefer to continue bumping into u at home.

BREAKING DAWN Developing (Article) - 1/12/2010 5:00:21 AM

How long will Edward and the girl not/will and not again hook up? She needs to move on or become a Vampire or Werewolf. Who else could they fight? Fought the secret in the 1st one, Werewolves in the 2nd, common enemy in the 3rd. What next the Mummy? Frankenstein? How about Blade comes to kill the whole cast now that would be a movie!


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