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Mighty Muggs, a Toaster and the Red Hulk

Yes, you read that right, a toaster!

By Robert T. Trate     June 19, 2008

Mighty Mugg Mola Ram action figure
© Hasbro

Welcome to the second Toy Maniac column. This week I found what could be the oddest, if not the coolest, San Diego Comic Con exclusive. I continued a quest for a figure at the local stores and finally got the scoop on that Red Hulk figure I saw at the New York Comic Con.


Marvel’s next build a figure

Marvel’s Legend series has had one feature that is not only business savvy but a must have for collectors. This is, of course, their Builder Action Figures. Over the past couple of years Marvel has had its toy enthusiasts build The Watcher, Mojo, a Sentential and Galactus, amongst others. Marvel is capitalizing on their popular Hulk (better known as the Red Hulk)comic by making him the next Builder Action Figure. To build the Red Hulk you will need to get the following figures from Marvel’s Legends: Wolverine, Wolverine (Black Costume from X-Force), Union Jack, Black Costume Spider-Man, Spiral, Silver Savage, Bucky and Adam Warlock. These figures will be available in September. Check out my pictures of the figures from the NYCC.

Marvel Legends Red Hulk premiered at the NYCC


Cannot find Toy of the Week:

Mighty Muggs is an interesting venture by Hasbro into the world of vinyl and Japanese style figures. Affordable, rounded and pretty cool, the line has encompassed several properties that Hasbro has connections to. Marvel, Star Wars and Indiana Jones all have characters in the Mighty Muggs line. When I first saw him in Toy Fare Magazine I knew that I had to have this figure. Not many figures come with a severed heart in their hand and what desk top doesn’t need a crazed Thuggee high priest? Mola Ram (see main picture) is the Mighty Mugg in question yet, he is no where to be found. Sure I can turn to eBay and the internet stores but half the fun is trying to find him. In that quest I did come across the second coolest figure in the line. A Bespin Luke Skywalker with black eye and severed hand. Do my tastes run on the more morbid side? Well, most people think action figures are kitschy and cute when you have them on display. I for one don’t mind offending or upsetting the occasional person who says, “Oh that’s cute” before they notice the severed body part with the action figure.  

Mighty Mugg Bespin Luke Skywalker

San Diego Comic Con Toy Exclusive Update:

According to Heroestheseries.com NBC and Universal will be having several exclusives at SDCC. There will be a Battlestar Galactica/ the Office T-Shirt, combining two of their biggest shows. There will be two different bobble heads. One makes the distinction of being the first two headed bobble figure on the same body. They will have the other variant for the Heroes action figure line. Their figure is of Sylar. However, what may be the SDCC collectible is a Battlestar Galactica toaster.

Universal’s SDCC Exclusives

NECA has also unveiled a sequel to their popular NYCC Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle box set. The set released in New York was in full color and limited to 500 pieces. For the SDCC NECA is releasing the same set in black and white. The box set is also limited to 500 pieces and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from co-creator Peter Laird. I saw a prototype Turtle at the International Toy Fair and it was the one figure that everybody picked up and looked at the NECA booth. It was an incredible.

SDCC TMNT Black and White Exclusive

Video Game Updates:

Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock will have a new downloadable 3 pack from Coldplay featuring their new song Violent Hill and their hits: Yellow and God Put a Smile on Your Face.


New Video Game Releases for the Week:

PS3, PS2 and PSP

Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity by American Game Factory (PS2)

Secret Agent Clank by Sony Computer Entertainment (PSP)

Space Invaders Extreme by Square Enix (PSP)

Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS

Arkanoid  by Square Enix (Nintendo DS)

Code Lyoko: The Fall of X.A.N.A  by American Game Factory (DS)

Etrian Odyssey II: Hereos Of Lagaard  by Atlus (DS)

Guitar Hero: On Tour by Activision Inc. (DS)

Imagine Rock Star by UBI Soft (DS)

Space Invaders Extreme by Square Enix (DS)

WonderWorld Amusement Park by Majesco Sales Inc. (Wii)

Crazy Machines 2 by Viva Media (Windows, Windows Vista / XP)

Hawaiian Explorer Lost Island by Activision (Windows 2000 / 98 / Me / Vista / XP)

Spore Creature Creator by Electronic Arts (Macintosh, Windows Vista / XP)


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midnightson 6/19/2008 8:59:30 AM
i'm a big fan of the mighy muggs line. i have a few of the marvel and star wars series. for figures that don't have any really high detail, they rock. can't wait to see the d.c. comic ones...


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