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Mignola Digs Blair For Hellboy

By Kevin Leung     February 11, 2003

Countingdown.com caught up with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola to talk about his experiences with converting the comic to a film.

Mignola discusses his feelings over the redesign and modifications to his characters for the film adaptation as a process that he eventually got used to, "It's very strange but you get used to that. It's strange what you get used to. It just becomes your new reality."

Although the Hellboy character has mostly cosmetic changes, Abe Sapien's modifications are more pronounced, "Hellboy is probably as close to the comic as he can be, and still work on film. Abe is quite a bit different, and the fact that Wayne Barlowe designed the creature makes it a very different thing."

When asked about the casting of Selma Blair as Liz, Mignola offered, "Selma, I figure is gonna be great. I don't know how del Toro came up with her, but I think it's a great choice, I couldn't be more happy."

Check out Countingdown.com for the rest of the interview.


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