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OmegaDean 9/28/2012 5:45:53 PM

Well when you look at all this I would say its a Fox last ditch effort to try nad save the failing franchises. The only one that has any hope right now is the X-men. I mean with Matthew Vaughn at the helm there is hope.

Wolverine is gonna be a nother suckfest

Fantastic Four is gonna have to be stellar in order to compete

Daredevil will be Marvel's again soon.

@Wise, Reek, ElBaz and SilverSurfer  I agree with your statements whole heartedly


GothicStorm 9/28/2012 6:16:40 PM

I could care less if the FF come back to Disney/Marvel... I just want Silver Surfer to come back! A fight with Thanos will not be the same without Chrome Dome there!!! Disney and Marvel need to cut a deal and get Silver Surfer and Galactus back ASAP!!!

Heck, if anything have Millar explain to Fox that they don't need the Surfer or Galactus in the direction he wants to go.

st8fromvegas 9/28/2012 8:45:26 PM

i love his writing (have you read Old Man Logan,gives me chills just thinking about it) and hope he does well at fox,i dont see him doing any worse over there.

hey dd was mad in 04 why did it take so long to go back to marvel,hope thats not the standered.

Wyldstaar 9/29/2012 6:58:37 AM

@ st8fromvegas- The time Marvel allowed between movies appears to vary wildly from one contract to the next.  Daredevil and Fantastic Four both clearly have unusually long  periods of time allowed between feature films.  X-Men and Ghost Rider on the other hand appear to have a fairly short interval allowed between movies written into the contract.    X-Men: First Class and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence were rushed into production because the licensing contracts were about to expire, and the time between their movies was far shorter than DD or FF has enjoyed.

Sadly, Fox seems to be pretty serious about rebooting the Fantastic Four.  They already turned down an offer from Marvel to get an extension on the Daredevil license in exchange for the rights to Galactus and Silver Surfer being returned to Marvel.  Fox rejected the offer. 

silversurfer 10/1/2012 11:12:39 AM

Millar may have his hands full with making FF believable? They do have good stories to tell, but Marvel has basically put their finger on the Shared Universe theory for all of their products, so you would have to go with FF taking on the Skrulls, with some help from say, The Inhumans? 

I can dream right?

DarthoftheDead 10/2/2012 11:35:30 AM

 I like Millar's work, but I hope it does'nt pan out so Marvel Studio's gets all it's character's back so they can do "Secret War's"

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