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Millar says A-listers cast in 'Kick-Ass'

    June 04, 2008

In a recent interview with the Times Online, comics creator Mark Millar talked about his upcoming movie 'Kick-Ass'.

Millar, who is said to have close involvement with the production, was recently in London for casting sessions. "It’s pretty much firmed up with two big A-list names in it," Millar said, although he would not reveal exactly who those names are.

"One of them is one of the most respected actors in the world and the second one is probably at the top of the A list right now," he told the Times.

"I can’t believe we’ve got them, but [director Matthew Vaughn] pulls a lot of weight in Hollywood. Actors really like working with him. Guys like De Niro and Daniel Craig love him, so anything he’s got coming up they beg to get in."

'Kick-Ass' is the newly-published series illustrated by John Romita Jr., which tells of a teenage boy who becomes obsessed with the idea of becoming a costumed superhero.


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