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Avengers: Age of Ultron TRAILER!!!! (Article) - 10/24/2014 8:30:04 PM


Avengers: Age of Ultron TRAILER!!!! (Article) - 10/24/2014 8:12:36 PM


Jason Momoa IS Aquaman (Officially) (Article) - 10/16/2014 8:21:01 PM

Random sidebar of the day...

10 years from now if the New 52 is still around, will we still be calling it NEW?  (Kind of like Lois & Clark, the NEW Adventures of Superman that is like 20 years old...)

Jason Momoa IS Aquaman (Officially) (Article) - 10/16/2014 8:52:21 AM

Haven't read all of the comments yet, but do we even know which Flash Ezra Miller will be playing?  I think it would be kind of funny if it turns out to be Wally West, and is somehow tied to the show.  For the record, I think there is ZERO chance of that happening, but my point is that we do not know what their plan is yet.  So just calm down until we do.  There will be plenty of time to freak out at that point, anyway.  :)

I'm glad that they are making a Flash movie, regardless if it is a 2nd incarnation of Barry Allen or not.  I can't say that I'm too thrilled with the casting, though.  DC's casting has really been hit & miss for me.  I love Cavill & Moma, and Affleck has really started to grow on me to the point that I'm pumped about him too (never was an Affleck hater, though).  But Gadot & Miller in their roles... I'm skeptical to say the least, but still willing to give them a shot.


The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Review (Article) - 10/15/2014 8:57:01 AM

Ahhh, the print edition of Cinescape.  That is how I actually found the website.  I loved that mag.  But the site is better.

Sorry Trate, sounded like you were siding with them.  As samson said, it is easy to get misinterpreted sometimes.  That's never happened to be before. Nope.  Not in a million years.

Hmmm.  Hanso appeared.  Let's try this:

JoeArtistWriter, JoeArtistWriter, JoeArtistWriter,
JarrodSarafin, JarrodSarafin, JarrodSarafin...
gauleyboy, gauleyboy, gauleyboy...
Hobbs, Hobbs, Hobbs...
Flint, Flint, Flint...

And just for spite I was going to call the name of the douche Wiseguy used to argue with about Nolan's Batman, but can't remember his/her name.  I bet they just assumed another moniker and is still on here... (Wait, was it exfan???)


The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Review (Article) - 10/14/2014 2:03:56 PM

Wow, a bit testy in here.

Loved the episode.  Can't believe the spoiler stance Bob Trate is taking.  I usually agree with almost everything he says, but not this time.  I suspect 90 percent of the people on here are more interested in the forums than they are in the actual articles.

Violatorr is right (don't let that go to your head, V-man).  There are a few commenters on here that will simply be avoided as soon as I see their name.

Carol is my daddy (and yours, too).  :)

The Flash: City of Heroes Review (Article) - 10/9/2014 2:42:45 PM


Oh yeah, and the one main gripe that I have is that Barry has a harder time keeping his secret identity than Michael Keaton did in Burton's Batman films, sheesh!

Peeps already in on the secret:

  • Harrison Wells
  • Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost
  • Cisco Ramon
  • Joe West
  • Oliver Queen
  • Weather Wizard! (Really?)
  • Iris West

OK, so Iris technically isn't in on the secret yet, but she was RIGHT THERE when he first encountered Weather Wizard.  Is she really going to be that much of a ditz?  (I bet her and Lois Lane would make great besties!)

I should have listed the people not in on the secret: Barry's dad and Detective Thawne.

The Flash: City of Heroes Review (Article) - 10/9/2014 2:32:00 PM

As soon as I saw the flash forward subtitle 9 months later, I figured someone was already pregnant and had a baby.  And wasn't he already practically the boyfriend of Felicity Smoak when he went into the coma?  Between that and the Arrow premiere, that romance was gone in a...  (OK, I won't say it)

All kidding aside, I liked the pilot.  Don't care for Frost & Vibe yet, but I hope the writers make me before it is over.  Loved the Professor Zoom stuff, but like jppintar326 kind of said, I hope they get a chance to play that out before either A) we get tired of it, or B) the series gets canceled.  I think the chances are greater of A happening.  (Honestly, I'd be fine if they didn't even bring it up again and let that be the main focus of several episodes in hopefully season 2 or 3).

I did like the easter eggs.  Just don't overdo it.  Make a good show, and don't use a lot of gimmicks (Arrow crossovers, easter eggs, too many freak-of-the-weeks, etc).

Marvel's New York Comic Con LIVE COVERAGE (Article) - 10/9/2014 2:05:11 PM

Reading ElBaz's first comment, I thought the established character he was wanting to appear on SHIELD was Longshot.  I was thinking to myself, "really?   LONGSHOT???"  Then I realized what he meant.  :)


Doctor Strange Casting Rumor Update (Article) - 10/2/2014 11:41:42 AM

Kimbo Slice!!!



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