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Spielberg and Cruise are said to be having fun on the currently shooting film.

By Frank Kurtz     July 06, 2001
Source: E! Online

Director Steven Spielberg
© 2001

Though one would imagine that Steven Spielberg might be running on vapors after having to quickly wrap up A.I. and immediately move on to the long in development MINORITY REPORT, such does not appear to be the case. 

While talking to E! Online's Anderson Jones, Bonnie Curtis, who is shepherding the production, provided her take on the production, saying, "MINORITY REPORT is going fantastic. [Steven Spielberg is] having more fun than I've seen him have in forever."

Curtis also revealed that Tom Cruise is having a good time as well, saying, "Tom's been great. He's a wonderful leading man you just cannot make look bad no matter what you do to him--and we've done a lot."

Word has it that Spielberg is operating with the kind of fervor he exhibited when making RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. Still, one shouldn't expect the film, which is based on a Philip K. Dick story, to be in the flavor of that groundbreaking film. Curtis notes, "It's not just explosions and car chases. It's a smart story with a lot of humor, but it's also a cerebral thriller. So, yes, we are having fun, but your brain will go on a journey, too."


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