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MIRANDA gets her Comeuppance

First title from UK comic book publisher gets release date

By Richard Salter     December 10, 2002
Source: Comeuppance Comics

New UK-based comic book publishers Comeuppance Comics have announced the release date for their first title, MIRANDA. Told in six parts, the series stars the character first introduced in FATHER TIME, part of the long-running DOCTOR WHO series of novels.

Talking exclusively to CINESCAPE, MIRANDA's creator Lance Parkin explains that the comic book isn't just for fans of the BBC show. The new series will also appeal to, "Comics fans, BUFFY fans, STAR WARS fans, science fiction fans - comics fans will spot a couple of cute references to comics history in the first issue, though."

"She's a teenage girl from England in the eighties," says Parkin of the series' star, "who, just before the comic starts, discovers she's actually adopted, from a billion years in the future and the rightful Empress of the Universe. The comic starts on her first day in the job."

Parkin is no stranger to comics. He wrote POCKET ESSENTIALS: ALAN MOORE after all. He describes his work on MIRANDA as, "A chance to do stories with aliens and robots and fast-paced action, but with a strong female central character."

The first issue will be published in January 2003 and the series features the art of Allan Bednar.

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