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Heilongjiang Farm "rich peasants" behind the annual income of 300,000

10/30/2011 8:51:55 PM permalink

Exposes "two to three million a year income," Heilongjiang farmers Liu Guifu wide attention and has recently been questioned. In fact Liu Guifu not an ordinary farmer, he was state farm workers; he embodies is not an ordinary agricultural state, but land reclamation economy.In Heilongjiang Land Reclamation District, the implementation of special land policy, land is not allocated according to the head, but the lease system, and relatively few people, workers can lease a large area of ​​mechanized farming. In the context of rising food prices, farming large to achieve the "high income."After prices from cheap to expensive historical, farm land from scattered to the relative concentration, the number of employees ranging from farming the land.

The distribution of land area, a grass-roots Reclamation District officials are facing a problem.Side of the morning breeze rolled waves of yellow reeds, climbed over the side of the sight of the black side of the land, a few kilometers away, Heilongjiang Tangyuan County, Indus River flowing quietly.Indus River Farm, Heilongjiang Land Reclamation system, one of 114 farms belonging to national strategic grain reserve base. October 18, crossed the ridge on the farm, Liu Guifu spirits.

This 49-year-old Indus farm workers, because "on the news network" has recently become a local "focus of attention."Earlier, on October 7, Liu Guifu front of television cameras, CCTV, said he contracted about 500 acres of land, rely on farming for a year easily earn two to three million, the other countries "white to" tens of thousands of agricultural subsidies.Liu Guifu's statement led to many Internet users questioned, many people think he is a "child care", and gave him the name "White to Brother."Liu Guifu claimed that their data is calculated that account, the "30 million is a conservative estimate."

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