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The Destroyer Update

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Remo Williams Remake Coming From Sony

AKA The Destroyer

By Robert T. Trate     August 21, 2014

Hang in there Remo!
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“The Destroyer” is how he is known to comic fans and pulp enthusiasts. Others know him as Remo Williams, played by Fred Ward in the 1985 forgotten classic. The adventure was supposed to begin for movie audiences in 1985. For those of you that don't know, Remo Williams was more a Kung Fu/ Black Ops agent than a suave super spy. In my opinion, the film is fun and a great adventure story. Sadly, it failed to connect with audiences., has an exclusive story that Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir’s character is making an attempt to come back to the big screen. The man who will be bring Remo Williams back is Iron Man 3 director Shane Black. 

From Deadline:Sony Pictures has set Iron Man 3 helmer Shane Black to direct The Destroyer, Fight Club scribe Jim Uhls’ scripted adaptation of the adventure book series by Warren Murphy that will give framed New Jersey cop Remo Williamsanother shot at a movie franchise. Uhls wrote the script with James Mullaney, who co-authored books... The film will be produced by Charles Roven, Steven Chasman, and Andy Horwitz. Michael De Luca and Lauren Abrahams will oversee for Sony Pictures Entertainment”.

Black, a fan of the original book series, who also wrote the original Lethal Weapon, was originally going to tackle “Doc Savage” next for Sony. However, the powers that be feel as if Black has a stronger take on “The Destroyer”, thus pushing that project to be first. 

Check out Mania’s Interview with Warren Murphy that we posted last year HERE.

We have attached the trailer below from the original 1985 film for a refresher. 

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monkeyfoot 8/21/2014 1:04:21 PM

At last!!!! I've wanted this for so long. With the right actors this will work. Remo and Chuin are two quirky characters that would work great as a team in action movies. And despite the political incorrectness of casting Joel Grey as the Korean martial arts master his performance was the best thing about the first movie.

I remember that interview you guys did with Warren Murphy. He is an odd and slightly scary fellow.

almostunbiased 8/21/2014 2:02:33 PM

I loved this movie as a kid.  Had some great moments.

fft5305 8/21/2014 2:10:00 PM

I'll believe it when I see it. I've seen this promise pop up a few times and gotten my hopes crushed when it didn't happen... I just hope he is able to do the series justice!

jetpackjesus 8/21/2014 7:13:55 PM

Loved this movie.  I was skeptical about this concept until I saw Shane Black is handling it.  I'm totally down with him taking a crack at Remo Williams.  I hope they can work Fred Ward into the film somehow.  

thezillaman 8/21/2014 7:47:17 PM

 Well let's hope..

Roqueja 8/21/2014 9:48:45 PM

 I was looking forward to Doc Savage gaining some momentum, but I'll happily watch a Destroyer flick while I wait.

Iridan 8/22/2014 6:20:08 AM

I don't think I've seen this movie since the '80s. I do recall liking it but I can't remember much about it.

Theicon 8/22/2014 7:37:02 AM

loved how remo could run on water in the movie lol

redvector 8/22/2014 9:12:17 AM

 Garbage in, garbage out. That's what I felt about the Destroyer books so of course a movie based on those books was going to be garbage. Adding another layer garbage by putting Shane Black in as the director. And for no reason at all it'll be set at Christmas time. 

IM3 was a mess of a movie and the blame for it lies at Black's feet.  


geyes11 8/22/2014 5:54:34 PM

I liked the movie and remember the tv pilot with Roddy McDowell playing Chuin. Hope they can do it justice.



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