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April 18, 2010
Source: Mania

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 Mr. Oesterle did a fine review, but he was a little confused over the Seattle scene. In the beginning of the episode Chloe brings up a map displaying the locations of the kryptonite stockpiles, in which Seattle is shown as one of those locations. The Space Needle was used to quickly relate to the viewer where Clark and Gen. Zod were and to allow us to rightly assume that they were there to destroy the stockpiles. The snowstorm was just Clark showing off (under the influence of red kryptonite), which inadvertently caused Chloe to notice the strange weather (which I thought was a stretch). They didn't create a new fortress either. Clark took Zod to the (one and only) Fortress of Solitude as a token of his friendship and trust. Metallo showed up because Chloe gave him the Kryptonian relic that transports people back and forth to the fortress. Anyway, the problem I have with Smallville at the moment is the crazy way in which Gen. Zod regained his powers. The stupidity level of Clark's blood realigning Zod's DNA is almost on par with Superman rotating the Earth backwards to turn back time (almost). And now they've gone a step further and used Zod's blood to give his faithful followers their powers! Anyway, it just goes to show that you just can't take Smallville too seriously. Just enjoy the ride. I am still a fan and will see it through to the end.

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