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The Mobile Shinsengumi was organized for the specific reason of keeping Kyouto safe from influences which would hinder Japan's efforts towards westernization, be those demons and monsters of every shape and size or a band of misanthropes bent on turning the clock back for the city of Kyou.

Yuuko Kondou, Toshie Hijikata, and Kaoru Okita are daughters of the reknowned Isamu Kondou, Toshizou Hijikata, and Soushi Okita, leaders of the feared, original Shinsengumi. They have come together under the banner of "Truth" as their fathers once had and under the guidance of Ms. Oryou.

With the help of Oryou's son Ryuunosuke, Shintarou, Gennai, and the cat monster Nekomaru, they protect Kyouto from the evil that lurks in the shadows. But, who protects the people of Kyouto from the Mobile Shinsegumi?

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Region 1 - North America

Moeyo Ken by ADV Films
Moeyo Ken TV Series Complete Collection by FUNimation Entertainment, Ltd.
Moeyo Ken TV Vol. #1 by ADV Films
Moeyo Ken TV Vol. #2 by ADV Films
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