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Avengers: Age Of Ultron Official Plot Synopsis Released (Article) - 9/16/2014 10:31:19 AM

Wow, I can't imagine how amazing this is going to be, as I'm sure that the studios have all but completely lifted the lid off of any budget constraints based on the success of the first Avengers!

Preview: ALIEN VS. PREDATOR: FIRE AND STONE #1 (Article) - 9/15/2014 1:42:35 PM

My name's Fances, but my friends call me psysho... Any of you homos call me Frances and I'll kill ya!

Bond 24 Start and Release Date (Article) - 9/15/2014 1:38:51 PM

Why would Craig stop being believeable as Bond? He's done an outstanding job in the role, so far and I don't see any reason why he wouldn't continue to do so.

Dredd Prequel? Not Sequel? (Article) - 9/12/2014 11:44:37 AM

 No more drugs for you, VTG!

New Batmobile Photos from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (Article) - 9/10/2014 2:38:03 PM

I actually like how it seems to have a lot of the design elements from the Tumbler, yet a sleek, classic Batmobile look to it as well.

Homestar - really? what Batmobile, in the history of Batmobiles didn't look like a toy to you? I'm curious to know.

Also - I didn't get a CGI sense from these photos at all when I looked at them... I just looked at them again and nope, I still didn't get that sense.


Dredd Prequel? Not Sequel? (Article) - 9/8/2014 10:52:03 AM

I'm a part of the I loved Dredd camp... I really did. Other than being disappointed (as a fan-boy) at the look of his Lawmaster, I thought the movie was great. All of the other Judges and weapons tech were represented great as well.

I hope this happens, I will absolutely be there!


First Look: BUCKY BARNES: THE WINTER SOLDIER #1 (Article) - 9/5/2014 3:10:41 PM

 Yes, Bunyon... and I still find the premise of this strange - especially after the Winter Soldier movie..

Tusk Movie Clip - I don't want to die in Canada (Article) - 9/5/2014 1:41:34 PM

This looks like your typical torture-porn flick you'd expect to see from the disgusting Eli Roth.

First Look: BUCKY BARNES: THE WINTER SOLDIER #1 (Article) - 9/5/2014 1:33:38 PM

 WTH is that all about? Bucky Barnes: Intergalactic Soldier?!



Star Wars Rebels Sneak Peek - Save the Wookies (Article) - 9/2/2014 10:39:24 AM

Everything I've seen from this looks pretty darn good, so far... I'm liking the characters and the story seems solid.

Art and concept is great too... I loved those tie-fighters hanging from the transport - it reminded me of a WWII German blimp.

I'd sure like to see the kid take his backpack off, though.



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