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Arrow - The Scientist Clip (Article) - 12/3/2013 5:25:52 PM

anyone else think the particle excelerator mentionin the previous episode is gonna tie in instead of the traditional origin

Nova Prime Cast for Guardians of the Galaxy (Article) - 6/16/2013 1:26:38 AM

am i missing something,you guys keep saying reilly as a superhero,but isnt he really an intergalactic cop

Human Torch Casting (Article) - 5/3/2013 12:34:39 PM

the biggest mistake ,johnny & sue need to be the same race black or white ,reed can be black or white makes no difference ,if he's white then ben should be black ,he could be the intro person for reed and sue,fox needs to put out an awesome movie regardless

Redford for Captain America 2? (Article) - 3/22/2013 1:37:45 PM

actually redford did an episode of the twilight zone  so that would put him late 1950s  or early 1960s,he played death  trying to get an old lady to let him in  ,classic episode

Rumor: Nolan for Justice League? (Article) - 3/5/2013 2:27:20 PM

if they do bring nolan i it doesnt mean he brings back the bale batman,he's toldthat story ,time for a rehash,a new take on batman they are already planning a reboot

Arrow: Betrayal Review (Article) - 2/9/2013 9:14:18 AM



New Iron Man 3 and The Wolverine Photos (Article) - 1/12/2013 1:51:43 AM

yeah ,that iron man suit is looking very plastic,is schumacher directing this (sarcasm probably)

Justice League for 2015 (Article) - 10/20/2012 11:14:16 AM

on the other hand ,why are we not seeing more on man of steel ,a lot of the others   avengers,batman spidey etc  gave plenty of pic & clips,makes me concerned for supes unless they are trying to build anticipation,then they cant afford a missstep

Justice League for 2015 (Article) - 10/20/2012 10:56:26 AM

most people are somewhat familiar with DC characters,they've been around forever in different ways,a short prologue would work then hash out in the solo movies unless WB sinks the ship,the main thing here is story and how well they are written,and you guys who down aquaman need to research some ,he also has super streath & agility & speed,think all that time at bone crushing depths doesnt enhance your body

Millar Overseer of the Fox Marvel Movies (Article) - 9/28/2012 11:24:17 AM

is'nt   DD  back at marvel  now?


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