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Friday, November 2, 2007 at 1:17 AM
Spielberg Talks About Wormhole Movie Interstellar and We all know Spielberg loves to be on the cutting edge of special effects, but did you know that he is not only a filmmaker but also an inventor too? Apparently he claims to have invented something ?

just think if Spielberg could use space film like this below in his new film or even the way team are doing?

abovespaceandtime have invented something a new way to film in more... space. Episode 13 - two objects together..F.A.S.T NOW TELL THE THE TRUTH. Introduction Into the New Possibilities in …… Far Above Space and Time What Is it?

Stills from HD footage of which there are 25 full tapes available that we don't have a camera to play them back in.

these show high res space objects, the world has only seen 10 % there is 90 percent of film left.

becuase john lenard walson has not been paid any money for his films of space objects that are used in the intersteller movie the intersteller movie has only 10 percent film in it and there are no films of 2 space crafts in space but if you go to The Real Star Wars and much that is not in the intersteller movie.

this web page you can see two space crafts.
john lenard had to sell his hd cam to pay bills, but the man that made intersteller movie said he would pay john lenard walson but he has not.

Fiction compared with Fact. Showing Space Shuttle, Moon, Jupiter, Satellites and much more.

This is also quite interesting.
These guys at Cambridge University are starting to use "Lucky" astro photography.
There is more to this than luck though. They have a 200" telescope and John Lenard Walson is able to film better images with his 8" telescope.

There is some very interesting information here although I have reason to believe that john lenard walson has 90 % more film that no person has ever seen.
The depths of


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