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More BLAIR WITCH on the Way

Plans in place for a sequel and a prequel

By Steve Biodrowski     January 04, 2000
Source: Daily Variety

As had widely been expected in the wake of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT's blockbuster success, distributor Artisan Entertainment is trying to spin the film off into a profitable franchise, with plans firmly in place for not only a sequel but a prequel as well. At least four different ideas had been in development, including treatments for two sequels and two prequels. The prequel ideas dealt with the serial killer mentioned briefly in the first film and the Blair Witch herself. One of the sequel ideas revolved around the search for the footage that formed BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, while the other idea was always kept under wraps.
Now, Arisan, which distributed the original film, has decided to greenlight production on two more films, which will be produced by Haxan, the company behind the original. Documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger (PARADISE LOST: THE CHILD MURDERS AT ROBIN HOOD HILLS) will direct the sequel BLAIR WITCH 2, which should start filming in February in hopes of a Halloween release. Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick, creators of the original film, will be on board as executive producers. The duo will also write and direct the prequel BLAIR WITCH 3, which will flesh out the back story of the legend of the Blair Witch. The film is scheduled to shoot this fall, for a summer release in the year 2001.


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