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More rumors on Breaking Dawn being split into two films.

By Jarrod Sarafin     February 12, 2010
Source: Deadline Hollywood, ComingSoon

New Moon Movie Review
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With The Twilight Saga: Eclipse shot and ready for its release on June 30, 2010 under the direction of David Slade (30 Days of Night), the majority of all Twilight-related rumors these past few months have circled on whether the final film--Breaking Dawn--will be broken into two films. And conflicting reports have once again surfaced online today on that issue.

Nikkie Finke at Deadline Hollywood is reporting that the decision has been made over at Summit Entertainment and that the adaptation of Meyer's final novel will indeed be split into two separate films, much like Warner Bros. Pictures has done with their final Harry Potter movie. The website also reports that the studio is looking for a "high-end" director to helm the two films.

Once that report was made online, our friends at ComingSoon contacted Summit for confirmation, which turned out to be a "negative."  The studio has maintained in the past that they'll wait until Melissa Rosenberg completes the full screenplay and says currently that a decision hasn't been made yet. "No decision has been made and as we have said all along we are continuing to work with Stephenie Meyer to bring 'Breaking Dawn' to the big screen."

Conflicting reports. Both may be accurate. A decision may have been made but Summit Entertainment isn't ready to confirm it. If the latter is the case, we should expect a press statement sometime in the future. Production is expected to begin on "Breaking Dawn" in October.



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ponyboy76 2/12/2010 4:34:21 AM

As someone who is reading Breaking Dawn and is almost finished with it, I definitely think it should be broken into 2 parts. Not because I'm so in love with the Twilight Saga, that it would bestill my unfortunately beating heart to see it on screen as long as possible, (channeling Starlight right there), but the book is pretty damn long. Also, the way its written and the amount of things that happen from chapter to chapter lends itself to 2 movies. Although I would say the first movie won't be nearly as exciting to watch as the second if they cut it where I think they will. Either that or they make a 3 hour movie.




The 1st movie will deal with all the romantic crap, drama, wedding, honeymoon and Jacob chapter and then end on the scene where she 's on the phone with Carlisle and they realize she's pregnant.

Final movie will go into the pregnancy, her change into a vampire and the Volturi threat. The End. No more Twilight and we're all happy.

kissstation 2/12/2010 4:55:10 AM

Easy there Ponyboy.  If you have read them all, you must have found something interesting about it to finish the book.  These next 2 chapters (movies) are going to be a litte darker than the first 2 and I am looking forward to see how they do it.  Especially for Breaking Dawn when it comes to Bella's pregnancy and change.

I am hoping for some good vampire violence in Eclipse and, as a 37 year old man, really enjoying the banter between Edward and Jacob as they deal with their feelings for Bella, each other and the new threats that keep growing and coming up.  It has been a good ride and don't understand what all the hate is about.

Breaking Dawn needs to be 2 movies.  After that, I wouldn't mind more stories...maybe about Jacob and his life after this book?

StarlightGuard 2/12/2010 5:01:42 AM

Conflicting reports. Both may be accurate.

Jarrod's a tease. :)

didn't Meyer say something along the lines of she's not opposed to doing further adventures with were-Jacob?

ponyboy's beating me to the novel as well....sad really....actually I just haven't gotten it yet because (cough) I don't want it to end....

and it's not the shriek! Edwaaarrrddd! reasons....a good comparison would be with Harry Potter the time it came out, we'd already read both that and the final it was over....I already knew how it turned out so there's no reason going back over it again....and that's how it'd be with this, plus I'm using Mortal Instruments as a way of stalling on that

fft5305 2/12/2010 9:42:26 AM

Of course they'll milk it for an extra movie. Even if the book is long, they could fit it into a 2.5-3 hour movie, but why do that when they can break it into 2 movies and make twice as much money?

kissstation 2/12/2010 12:28:41 PM

I agree with that thinking ff53, there isn't a question they will be making two for one.  They got to make sure they break even.  lol

And if you haven't read the last two books, give it a shot, they are good / quick reads. 

TheMovieGuy28 2/12/2010 1:11:46 PM


Slap! Slap! Slapppppppp!

Men, what the french are you doing? Stop it! I love Vampires but you're reading a book that was written for young teen girls!

Put down the book.

Go to nearest dvd rack.

Remove "Fight Club"

Watch the scene where they talk about why they should not know what a duvette is.

Then, watch the whole movie.

Afterwards, kick your own ass.

Go to a mirror and tell yourself

Do not talk about Twilight. Do not talk about Twilight.

Then remember you're a man, and burn that f*cking book.



MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 2/12/2010 1:27:58 PM

Yeah,  go read The Strain or the Joe Pitt series by Charlie Huston.  Those are vampire books.

acidsquall73 2/12/2010 1:58:41 PM

Enough with the Twilight hating already. Yeah, we know it was written with teenage girls in mind, but after a lot of coercing from my wife, I decided to give them a try. And dammit, I liked them. I didn't pay much attention to the romantic part of it. Everything around it is what kept me interested. By the time I got to the end of Breaking Dawn, 



**********SPOILER WARNING*************

It was like a cross between Heroes and X-Men. And I love Meyer's descriptive writing. You could almost feel Bella's physical pain as she was transforming into a vamp.


***********END SPOILER***********

Anyway, the books aren't as bad as people say they are if you feel like getting into them. Everyone's different in what they enjoy reading.

StarlightGuard 2/12/2010 2:19:36 PM

yeah, remember you're a man!

if your girl doesn't give it up for you when you want it, slap her down! knock her ass down and go do her sister or her best friend! that's all they're there for, to give it up whenever you need some!

then go watch Brad Pitt in Fight Club......because he so god damned sexy in that movie...yeah, hot toned men slamming into each other....that's what these real men want....and want it with Brad Pitt mainly!

did I mention I do own Fight Club? absolutely true...Meat Loaf crying in the therapy session was fun

such childish mind and attitudes....grow up boys....and remember, Brad's the projectionist -- he'll show you a big wang whenever you wanna see it....just like you need it :)

kissstation 2/13/2010 6:07:12 PM

Hey, I am very..VERY comfortable with what I read and what I enjoy.  And while I enjoyed Fight Club, I also enjoy having something to talk with my wfie about, because we all know Fight Club isn't going to be a topic of conversation.  lol



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