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More CAPTAIN AMERICA Photos Surface


By Rob M. Worley     September 29, 2010
Source: Various

Comics2Film: CAPTAIN AMERICA Submarine
© Mania

More Captain America photos surface. Plus:  Conan sequel script talk. Super Hero Squad comes to DVD. Superman lawsuit maneuvers and more! It's your Comics2Film 10.9.29!




CONAN 2 Script Notes reports that work is underway on the screenplay for a sequel to the Conan movie which filmed this summer. The movie, which casts Stargate actor Jason Momoa as the Barbarian King, is currently in post-production with an eye on a 2011 release.

According to the report, Rise of the Lycans screenwriters Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain have been commenced to write the script for the film, which, unlike previous Conan movies,  is based on a single Robert E. Howard story.

Click through for extensive notes on the bits of the script that were previewed for the screenwriting duos fans.




From a press release...


The world’s greatest Super Heroes return to face their craziest villains in the second action – and laugh – packed volume of The Super Hero Squad Show when Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Marvel Animation, releases The Super Hero Squad Show: Quest For The Infinity Sword! Volume 2 DVD on November 9, 2010.

Watch as Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Thor, Falcon and their friends faithfully – and hysterically – protect Super Hero City from the wild, weird and even wacky villainy of VillainVille’s most infamous baddies, led by the sinister Dr. Doom! The Super Hero Squad Show: Quest For The Infinity Sword! Volume 2 DVD features the second six episodes from Season One, plus all-new bonus features, including an interview with Tom Kenny (Iron Man, Captain America and MODOK), hero profiles, trailers and more. A must-have for heroes of all ages, this DVD is priced to own at $14.93 SRP.

Boasting a stellar ensemble of well-known celebrity voice talent, The Super Hero Squad Show animated series features super-stylized, action-packed versions of Marvel’s popular characters (including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Silver Surfer and Wolverine) with a comedic twist. Marvel has attracted top voice talent to play the roles of Marvel’s iconic heroes and villains. Not to mention, Volume 2 of The Super Hero Squad Show also boasts the voice talent of Kevin Michael Richardson (Family Guy), Greg Grunberg (Heroes), Wayne Knight (Seinfeld), Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone) and Lena Headey (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles).

The Super Hero Squad Show: Quest For The Infinity Sword! Volume 2 DVD contains six exciting episodes including:

  • From The Atom … It Rises!
  • Night In The Sanctorum!
  • This Forest Green!
  • O, Captain, My Captain!
  • If This Be My Thanos!
  • Deadly Is Black Widow’s Bite!


  • An interview with Tom Kenny
  • Hero profiles
  • Concept Art Gallery
  • Trailers

Technical Information

  • Street Date: November 9, 2010
  • Rating: TV Y7
  • Suggested Retail Price: $14.93
  • Running Time: approximate 132 minutes
  • Discs: 1
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Technical Info: English, Stereo., Closed Captioning



Actress Joins HUMAN TARGET

Comic Book Resources reports that actress Indira Varma is joining the cast of the comic-based Human Target TV series. She'll play Ilsa Pucci, a widowed billionairess in need of Chance's services.



RED French Poster have unveiled a new poster for RED for French-speaking markets. Scooper Antonello Blueberry tells us that tagline translates to, "An explosive comedy about the dangers of retirement."

RED French Poster

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



SUPERMAN Lawsuit Update

THR Esq has an update on the latest Warner Bros vs Marc Toberoff dispute, centering on the impending reversion of rights to the Superman intellectual property to the heirs of creators Siegel and Shuster.

The latest strategy has the studio/publisher attacking attorney Marc Toberoff directly over accusations of shady business dealings. The crux of the matter seems to be that Warner Bros was engaging in, and close to sealing, a settlement agreement with the estates. However in 2001

Warners filed a stack of legal papers the size of a tall building last night trying to persuade a judge to keep alive its claims against Marc Toberoff, the lawyer for the Siegel and Shuster families, who Warners claims improperly interfered with its key rights deals with the families. Joanne Siegel fired her lawyers and hired Toberoff resulting in the dissolution of those settlement talks and the beginning of the current road to reclamation.

Warner Bros. alleges that Toberoff is not an attorney acting in his clients' best interests, but rather an entertainment mogul who is manipulating the situation in hopes of claiming his own share of the highly-lucrative Superman rights. WB's case is apparently bolstered by some internal documents that were delivered to them via a former Toberoff employee.

Both Toberoff and Warner Bros have filed a blizzard of motions and a hearing is slated for October 18th. Given the volume of filings THR Esq speculates that a delay is possible. Depositions of all parties involved are scheduled for November.

While the current legal rulings have the Superman rights reverting to the heirs in 2013, the legal battle seems far from ending.



ALPHA GODS Gets Optioned

The official Facebook page for the little-known indie comic Alpha Gods bears the announcement, "Scorpio Studios have optioned the rights to produce an Alpha Gods movie."

The series, published by Orang Utan Comics, seems largely to have been released as a digital book and via print-on-demand services. The Facebook page provides this synopsis:

In the year 2086 humanity faces a new threat, Extra Humans. The government is struggling to cope with the growing number of mutants, aliens and supernatural beings who are living amongst us. People are beginning to panic and so, in 2050, the Department for Extra Human Affairs was established with a remit to try and contain the problem. By 2086 the situation has escalated, so they have formed a new rapid response strike force, the Alpha Gods. Who better to police the Extra Human community than Extra Humans themselves?

Scorpio Studios looks to be a low-budget outfit centered around Kevin Summerfield, who serves as a producer on all their movies, a director on most of them and a writer on many of them.




The latest photos from the set of Captain America: The First Avenger come courtesy of The Liverpool Echo, who have spotted a mysterious watercraft off of Stanley Dock in Liverpool. Check out the photos:

Submarine prop from CAPTAIN AMERICA off Stanley Dock in Manchester, UK

Submarine prop from CAPTAIN AMERICA off Stanley Dock in Manchester, UK




Rob M. Worley is the writer and creator of the all-new, all-cat kids comic book series Scratch9 which arrived in comic shops on September 9th! Come see Rob at Detroit Comics on October 6th and the New York Comic Con on October 8th-10th!


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Rheul_home 9/29/2010 7:21:39 AM

Cool boat!

Wiseguy 9/29/2010 7:27:43 AM

That sub loks pretty cool. If you didn't mention Cap I could have been easily led to believe it was a new Bat-sub or something. Hey, maybe he'll mett Namor in this thing, one can always hope

Crossing my fingers for CONAN. I've liked some of the photos shown so I'm feeling pretty good and starting work on a sequel's script sounds like they're pretty confident too

Never heard of Alpha Gods but if they make it into a film I'm sure I'll see it. Isn't the concept the same as The Boys, never read The Boys either but I think it was something similar

Superman lawsuit, what more can we say except that all lawyers need to be executed

lracors 9/29/2010 7:56:26 AM

Conan is shapping up to be very sweet and in line with Howard's vision.

Red looks great i cannot wait.

Cap... GO CAP!!!

jfdavis 9/29/2010 8:10:23 AM

The sub is cool. I think I read somewhere Namor was indeed in the movie so this makes sense.

The Human Target casting is old news...

LocoLobo73 9/29/2010 8:34:27 AM

Slow news day I guess, but commenting on whats here, WISE, I think you might have something there with Namor, We already know that the Invaders make an apperance in Cap, so that could fit perfectly in this movie, also since we still have nt heard anything as far a what the AVENGERS might be facing , NAMOR, and his Atlantean army might be a good idea as a lead in that is then defused by the return of Captain America. Ah a fan boy can dream, right, lol

Being a big Stargate fan, I  have been looking forward to seeing Conan next year, and Im happy to see that the post production must be pretty good if they are already looking at a possible sequel.

i went back through some of my collection and was surprised to see i had a copy of RED, I didnt even know I owned it , but I must say after rereading it was a great read. It should be intresting to see this version of the source material. 

As far as Supes lawsuit who cares 

Wiseguy 9/29/2010 9:11:15 AM

I remember that stemming from the debate of Cap's wings someone asked Johnston if he would de-wing Namor or not. Johnston said yes he would. The site reporting this then of course made it sound as if Namor was in the film on their headline. But after reading the piece Johnston didn't say Namor was in or not and he didn't appear to be hinrting at anything, just answering a question posed to him. Maybe Johnston just had on his poker face and maybe if we all cross our fingers it'll come true

OmegaDean 9/29/2010 10:09:22 AM

Well over all i guess the news of the day was slightly interesting and infromative.  Looking forward to RED, looks to be shaping nicely.  I have the book also but i may wait until after the movie to read it, just to take the movie in and not comapare it to the source material 1st.

Loking forward to Conan, I loved Jason Momoa on SG: Atlantis

Alpha Gods sounds like it could be fun

Who cares about Superman lawsuits... DC/Warner doesn't respect source materials anyway in the making of thier movies.  If it goes back to the family made we will get another good Supes film someday.

Captain America.... Nuff Said

At this point, just make mine Marvel

littlemikey979 9/29/2010 10:17:00 AM

I alway thought it was weird that Namor, a guy who lived under water, had those little wing that could make him fly. Maybe thats why he was such a big jerk. Maybe if they pluck him for the movies then he won't be flying either. It would keep the CGI on him down. Of course this is IF he is in the movie. Lets hope he is.

You know, if all the parties involved in the Supes case would just come to an agreement then the movie(s) could be given the green light and they would all be making money. But I guess they wouldn't  be making ENOUGH money if they all have to share. Like 12 people can't play together so millions of fans get screwed.

redhairs99 9/29/2010 10:53:20 AM

Anyone see the new photos from the upcoming "Supergirl" episode of Smallville? Superman Homepage has posted a number of photos of Laura Vandervoort looky awfully hot in costume as Supergirl minus the "S" and cape!!

Check 'em out here:

lracors 9/29/2010 12:28:36 PM

Namor is CONFIRMED!!!

Namor will NOT Have Wings in "Captain America"
Posted: July 26th, 2010 by Staff
Namor will NOT Have Wings in Captain AmericaSubmit Comment
CBM caught up with "Captain America: The First Avenger" director Joe Johnston at the San Diego Comic-Con and asked him to confirm that The Invaders will be in the movie.

"Oh yeah," said Johnson, adding that Namor will be one of the members. However, the decision has been made for Namor not to have the little wings on his feet.

Namor is the mutant son of a human sea captain and of a princess of the mythical undersea kingdom of Atlantis. He possesses super-strength, aquatic abilities, as well as the ability of flight.

Read more:

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