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Darkknight2280 9/21/2010 1:48:57 PM

So whats the deal with posting stuff on facebook hours before posting it on their actual site? I dont get the reasoning behind that.

swisshammer 9/21/2010 4:09:08 PM

Violator: If they make Cap a gritty film, with some serious action and serious circumstances, (think the mood/atmosphere/action in Taken but with a WWII motif) I don't see any reason why Cap won't succeed. We all have to suspend disbelief when we watch comic movies anyway, so how is Cap any different than Iron Man or Spider-Man or Hulk?

Just my thoughts.

Chris Beveridge 9/21/2010 4:52:58 PM

 Darkknight2280, it's only getting added to facebook after its added here. Once Rob finishes his article, it's live (but may not be visible on the main page right away), it's added to FB as well.

BarracudaVSFrankencastle 9/21/2010 4:57:46 PM

 Cap looks to be coming along even though i'm still weary of the casting of Chris Evans in the lead all other casting seemed pretty spot on imo...

I love Bat Man: Brave & The Bold campy as it may be...

violator14 9/21/2010 5:10:46 PM

Swiss- I feel ya. I hope it's "gritty" as well. But Cap is definitley different than Iron Man, Spiderman and Hulk from the public's point of view kinda thing.--- Iron Man just cuz his armor speaks for itself and anyone knows it's just bad ass. Hulk is a character who cant help but be himself and everyone understands that he's just basically a giant green dude who is super strong, and u cant really do anything about it. Spider-Man can atleast can appear and disappear at will from the streets and his costume is acceptable cuz he's a mysterious vigilante type of dude.

Now imagine Captain America running around in the streets or soemthing..... if anyone saw that in today's society, they would think he's kinda cheesy and lame dont u think? Unless of course he did a bunch of flips and threw his shield and caught it or something,  then they wouldn't F w/ him... but other then that..... idk man....

urphatgod 9/21/2010 5:47:00 PM

Cap is the ultimate warrior and solider. Thats why he gets to dress up in a flag and run can stop him if they even wanted to.

Darkknight2280 9/22/2010 4:20:36 AM

Have to say I still love Batman brave and the bold! I loved the premiere episode looking forward to part 2 on friday and seems the rest of the season should be pretty awesome too!

Also Clone wars was AWESOME!! keep up the good work!!

CastBroad 9/22/2010 6:29:50 AM

My thoughts are the same as violator's.  I can actually se it working in the rampaging WWII seens, but not in the modern day.  Let's see what happens.

goldeneyez 9/22/2010 6:56:27 AM

@ steppingrazor66 I thought that smurf was flipping off NYC too.

wessmith1966 9/22/2010 7:17:35 AM

Scott Pilgrim tanked in the theater but will be huge on DVD.

The Avengers cartoon should be fun, but i think the artwork is pretty crappy. I wish it had the quality (without the stubby bodies, missing fingers and big feet) of Super Hero Squad.

I'm interested in seeing where the story takes X-Men: First Class

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