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Wes1970 10/5/2011 1:24:59 PM

 For what its worth this is my take on the premise for the avenger movie.  Going on from whats been hinted at in the prievious movies I would think Loki will be the main villian with the Red Skull making some kind of appearance. Remember hes not dead just beamed off wherever the cosmic cube sent him. Much the same as Loki fell into the void.  Since we seen they will be trying to unlock the cubes energy once again its a fair bet that the Skull will find a way back and take over the Hydra Cult once again...could lead into the second movie.  As for the Hulk it makes perfect sense for the Avengers to be sent to confront and battle the with him at first...since the world does think him a menace.  I would think that during the battle the Hulk does something heroic and saves some innocents or something to prove hes not the monster they have been told he is.  Loki could in fact be controlling him or not it could go either way.  And far as we know Loki would now in fact be the king of the frost giants so its very possible he has leigions of them to use as cannon fodder lol. Would make for some great battles. 

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