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More Hate for Comics Fans

Fantagraphics knows that what the industry needs is more HATE!

By Arnold T. Blumberg     July 31, 2001
Source: Fantagraphics Books

The first HATE ANNUAL featured the return of Buddy Bradley...and family!
© 2001 Peter Bagge
Buddy Bradley is one of the most sorely missed characters in modern comics, having rode off into the suburban sunset with fiancée Lisa years ago in the pages of Peter Bagge's HATE #30. While the characters made a brief subsequent appearance in HATE ANNUAL #1, joined by the new Bradley baby, it just wasn't enough to satisfy fans of the rubbery-limbed Buddy and his unique brand of late-era American angst.

Fortunately, Bagge and Fantagraphics Books are well aware of the huge gap left in the lives of Buddy fans, and so November will see the release of HATE ANNUAL #2, another jam-packed 48 page special in full color. While it only features one new Buddy Bradley story (in which he must explain to his nephew that baseball player Alex Rodriguez has never been to the Moon), Bagge has loaded the rest of the special with a variety of stories and essays sure to warm the heart of HATE fans everywhere.

Lovey makes a return appearance in a story that features a rather unusual coupling, and several pieces originally created for are reprinted for the first time. Bagge rounds the whole thing off with an all-new illustrated essay "in defense of the Beach Boys' Mike Love."

There can never be too much HATE, and this latest dose will only set readers back $3.95. Look for it in November 2001.


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