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More IRON MAN 2 Images

Check out Black Widow and Whiplash

By Rob M. Worley     December 01, 2009
Source: Paramount Pictures

ScarJo as the Black Widow
© Mania

After yesterday's big unveiling of the 'Iron Man 2' poster featuring War Machine, Paramount Pictures have rolled out four additional stills from the movie.

We've got two new shots of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark tinkering on stuff in the Stark mansion. Also there with the tinkering is Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko, who is cobbling together his own heavy metal for his Whiplash identity.

Best of all, there's a new pic of Scarlett Johansson in full gear as Black Widow.

Directed by Jon Favreau, 'Iron Man 2' stars Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Sam Rockwell, Mickey Rourke, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson. The movie arrives in theaters May 7, 2010.



IRON MAN 2 Gallery

Scarlett Johansson stars as Black Widow in IRON MAN 2

Mickey Rourke develops his Whiplash armor in IRON MAN 2

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in IRON MAN 2

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in IRON MAN 2

IRON MAN 2 Poster


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gauleyboy420 12/1/2009 3:16:31 PM

paramount... what a tease!

Ozymandas 12/1/2009 3:42:55 PM

Glad to see Black Widow's wearing black & has the little wrist-thingies. Johanssen looks kinda hot here - new desktop background!

Darkknight2280 12/2/2009 8:42:58 AM

Kinda hot?! Umm try she is SMOOOKIN HOT!!! :)

yeah IM2 is going to OWN!!! going to be soo supersweet!

In that one image where he seems to be digging a hole in his floor at his home, and one of the helper bots has a map. I wonder if hes looking for somethign his dad left him or something?! Maybe a tease towards Avengers??? Since his Dad was cast in this movie. What do you all think?

DarthDuck 12/2/2009 9:11:59 AM

I think this movie is going to be colossal!!

Mickey Rouke looks fantatic, and Black Window...?   Sooooo hot, want to touch the...well, you know.

It definately looks like he's after something.  I doubt its something his Dad left him since it seems to be hidden in his house which Howard Stark would've never seen.  More like something he hid away and then made himself forget (remember - Matt Fraction was brought in to consult) or most likely something that Fury had hidden inside Tony's house.

All I want for Christmas is that teaser poster!!

Darkknight2280 12/2/2009 10:55:16 AM

Well that could have been his Dad's house...we dont know that. But i can see what ur saying to be true as well.

jfdavis 12/2/2009 11:08:58 AM

So this is all the comic-related news today? I want to see IM2 so much now I really don't need any more hype, thank you...

I do have a question though:  Avengers Mansion was the old Stark place in NYC but if Tony is already out in CA, how do you think they'll handle that? Just curious...

fft5305 12/2/2009 1:49:12 PM


fft5305 12/2/2009 1:53:02 PM

Oh, and jfdavis, just because they show Tony is based in CA in the IM movies, that doesn't mean he doesn't have a place in NYC too.  Dude's got bank.  I remember one comic book where he rented out Disneyworld for a date, then he said he was taking her to a place he knew that had great Alaskan crab.  When she asked where, he said, "Nome."  If you want to stick to just the movies, the guy has a stripper pole installed on his private jet.  I think he's got enough money to have a home in NY for when he's traveling to the East Coast.

almostunbiased 12/2/2009 4:52:56 PM

Nothing great here.

violator14 12/2/2009 6:20:30 PM

Pic1- Sexy

Pic2- Sick

Pic3- Bittchhin

Pic4- Awesome

Pic5- Fantastic

Nuff said.

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