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More on King's 'retirement'

Don't count on it, agent says

By Christopher Allan Smith     February 19, 2002
Source: Salon

Author Stephen King on the set of NIGHT FLIER.
© 1998 New Line Cinema

In a swiping, critical story/opinion piece in today's SALON magazine, more cold water is being poured on the notion of Stephen King's retirement from writing.

It was two weeks ago that King announced to the LOS ANGELES TIMES that he'd be retiring from writing after his current backlog of ideas were fleshed out into books.

"That's it," King said. "I'm done. You get to a point where you get to the edges of a room, and you can go back and go where you've been and basically recycle stuff."

Don't count on it, says his agent. As Arthur Green told the magazine, "I think it's unlikely he'll stop working."

Let's hope.


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