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axia777 8/14/2011 4:11:38 PM

 "DaForce - Axia, 300 worked because no one had seen the style before, but repeating it over and over again in subsequent films made it cliched. Watchmen was boring. Technically, Synder recreated Dave Gibbons artwork perfectly. Unfortunately, the heart of the movie just wasn't there to make you really care."

You speak for yourself. 300 is still a bad ass movie. I also really doubt that Superman is going to filmed in the style of 300. That would be dumb and my money is on Snyder knowing that.

Also, Watchmen was not boring at all to me in the slightest. Sure it was not smash, bang, boom action, but it was subtle and it developed the story very well. No heart? WTF? Really? Man, we must have watched two different movies.

Dawn of the Dead was also a great movie too. Sure it was a remake, but what a totally awesome one! It is still one of fav zombie movies along with Zombieland.

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