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More on MATRIX prequels, ANIMATRIX

Few details out yet, but clearer picture emerging

By Christopher Allan Smith     January 31, 2002
Source: Wizard Magazine

Keanu Reeves in action in THE MATRIX
© 1999 Warner Brothers

Although it's still unclear what exactly THE MATRIX fans can expect with the premiere of the prequel series of animated shorts titled ANIMATRIX, more details about the mysterious project are coming to light.

In an interview with WIZARD magazine, MATRIX producer Joel Silver revealed MATRIX creators Andy and Larry Wachowski will write half of the 10 shorts, with Japanese anime masters including Yoshiaki Jawajiri (VAMPIRE HUNTER D: BLOODLUST) and Mahiro Maeda (BLUE SUBMARINE NO. 6) whose short will be animated by the same house that did FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRIT WITHIN.

What's more, the shorts now have a vague release window: this fall. They're expected to hit the web first then be collected on a DVD at some later date.


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