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Sequel will reteam star Brendan Fraser with writer-director Stephen Sommers.

By Frederick C. Szebin     January 22, 2000
Source: Daily Variety

Probably even its writer-director was surprised over THE MUMMY's success last springparticularly since it held its own against George Lucas' powerhouse prequel. After placing itself at the number one position for three weeks in a row, THE MUMMY is getting ready to rise againas is star Brendan Fraser's pay scalein THE MUMMY II, which Variety says is to begin filming this spring for a May, 2001 release. Co-stars Rachel Weisz and John Hannah are also on board, as is writer-director Stephen Sommers to helm their newest romp in the digital sand. Universal Pictures and Alphaville Productions are footing the bill, with a reported $12.5 million or thereabouts going into Fraser's pocket. They feel he's worth it (despite the poor showing of Dudley Do-right) since the first Mummy garnered $400 million world wide, lodging it into 31st place on the all-time box office hit list, with the DVD becoming the second best-seller of its kind for 1999.
Twentieth Century Fox is also hitching its wagon onto the Brendan Fraser bandwagon, having the handsome leading man star in their remake of the 1967 hit BEDAZZLED, originally starring Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and Raquel Welch, and directed by Stanley Donen. For those of you not in the know, BEDAZZLED was a little black comedy that had a short order cook pining for the beauty he worked with. It was a lonely and frustrating love that led him to make a deal with the devil for seven wishes, none of which seemed to work out for him. Brendan is set to earn another $10 million for this one, making him a very happy camper indeed.


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