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Morons, Beware (A Look At Digital TV Converters In Arkansas)

4/30/2008 5:34:20 AM permalink

I love reading the Letters to the Editor in my local paper. I find it quite hilarious, highly horrifying, and above all else, absolutely inspiring.

I live in an area of ignorant, angry jackasses. From my old high school banning "Harry Potter" to decrying the adult book shop that opened here last year, you can find plenty to talk about, and none of it intelligent.

Today's topic: my digital converter doesn't work.

My first response is to write my own letter to the editor (which I don't do) and accuse this person of being old, then asking them if they know anyone under the age of 40 to help them with this problem.

The problem of being old, not the bit about the converter.

They woefully decry how they got their coupons, went out, bought two converters and SURPRISE! they don't work. They also bawl about how no one mentions the converters don't work with rabbit ears.

If anyone here hasn't gotten a converter yet, let me tell you this: it works perfectly with rabbit ears, and the old style rooftop antennas. How do I know? I've set up at least 4, each with different methods of receiving a signal.

They also moan about how you have to be 30 miles (or less) to the tower to get the signal.

Wrong again.

Then they cry about how Arkansas is full of hills and HD is of no use in this area. Well, this is partially correct. Stuff gets in the way, be it limbs, hills, and so on. Digital signals are all too easy to block. As Scotty put it in Star Trek 3, "the more they overtake the drain, the easier it is to stop up the plumbing." (Well it's a rough quote, it's early and I haven't seen that scene in quite a while. You get the point, unless you're just waking up too.)

The key, as always, to go reception has always been HEIGHT. Get a big ass antenna, hook it up, and prepare to turn it when necessary. Very little has changed, with the exceptions I can actually SEE my channels now, and more of them. In fact, I'll actually be able to witness a first run broadcast episode of Smallville tomorrow night.

I still really want to write a letter to the editor replying to today's nonsense and accuse that lady of being old.

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