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Mania Grade: A-

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  • Audio Rating: B
  • Video Rating: B
  • Packaging Rating: B
  • Menus Rating: C+
  • Extras Rating: B+
  • Age Rating: 15 & Up
  • Region: 1 - North America
  • Released By: ADV Films
  • MSRP: 89.98
  • Running time: 625
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Mospeada, Genesis Climber Box Set

Mospeada, Genesis Climber Box Set

By Andrew Tei     October 14, 2003
Release Date: June 17, 2003

Mospeada, Genesis Climber Box Set
© ADV Films

What They Say
The Earth has been invaded by the mysterious Inbit, and it's up to a handful of survivors from Mars Colony to liberate the planet. After an unsuccessful first attempt to retake the Earth, the inhabitants of Mars Base are ready to try again. Unfortunately, it's been many years since they have been to Earth and they miscalculate both the strength of the enemy and the strength of the Earth forces-with disastrous results. When the Second Liberation force is all but wiped out entering the Earth's atmosphere, the fate of the planet winds up in the hands of a single survivor, Stick Bernard. Joined by a bare handful of resistance fighters born on Earth, Stick must journey to the Inbit's headquarters at Reflex point in an attempt to discover the secrets of the Inbit and find a way to defeat them. Seven young warriors and their transforming planes and motorcycles are all that stand between the Inbit and Earth's freedom in one of the outstanding series that comprised the multi-generational favorite ROBOTECH.

The Review!
Another third from Carl Macek?s Robotech saga is finally released uncut on DVD. The Invid are now the Inbit, Scott is now Stig, and Protoculture is now HBT. The question remains, how much of the original series did we lose, and is it any good?


There?s only one sound choice here, and it?s the original Japanese audio, so we will probably never see an uncut English dub. You?ll just have to settle for Robotech if you want that. The sound was clear, and distortion free. There is no use of directionality in the dialogue, and the music sound track isn?t very active. Considering the show was made in 1983, I don? see how this could be any better.


The video here is very impressive, and at times I felt it was better than AnimEigo?s release of Macross. There are some occasional scratches, and screen jitter, but those were probably present on the video masters. Colors were solid for the most part, but the age of show is definitely present. The blacks in space suffered from the mpeg compression, and macro compression problems are very evident. There was no line shimmering though.

The subtitles were clear, and very readable. During in show songs, both English and romanji were shown at the same time. Normally this doesn?t bother me, but I thought the subs appeared half a second too late most of the time. The original logo remains in the opening credits.

As I watched further into the series, the video quality seemed to degrade. DVDs four and five presented a lot more macro compressions problems showing up than the earlier DVDs. The subtitle timing improved though.


Mospeada is presented on five DVDs in a multi alpha brick pack. The front cover features Ray, Mint, Houquet, Yellow, a Mospeada, and a Legoiss with the background of a destroyed city behind them. It?s not very eye catching. The back features Houquest, a Mospeada, and two Legoiss fighters and mention that all twenty five episodes are present inside. Not a single screenshot from the show is shown. Inside, there is a twenty-two-page booklet.


The menus are static and feature one song playing continuously. From the main menu you can select any of the five episodes present, or view character bios. There are no scene selection or language menus. The only thing simpler would have been no menu at all.


The big extra for this set is the twenty-two-page booklet I mentioned in the packaging section. It contains twelve staff interviews, and four staff articles are filled with information. This is quite an amazing extra. On the first DVD there are character bios for the main characters, including a character that doesn?t show up on the first DVD. On the second DVD we have a clean opening and close, and finally on the third DVD we have a production portfolio full of line art.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

Disc 1

In the year 2050, a race of aliens called the Inbit invades the Earth, and almost win instantly. Some of the people of Earth escape to a colony on Mars, in order to regroup, but the Earth completely falls under the control on the Inbit. In 2080, Mars sends a Liberation Army to Earth, but it fails miserably.

We begin our story in 2083, when a second Liberation Army is being sent to the Earth. Included in the forces, is First Lieutenant Stig Bernard, who was born on Mars. Just before the attack, Stig proposes to his girlfriend Marlene, who accepts. This second Liberation Army begins its attack with a force of large attack shuttles, and long range Legoiss, which I?ll just describe as a heavily armored Valkeyrie. They were called Alphas in Robotech.

The Inbit counterattack with their clam-like transport ships bringing large amounts of Crustacean robots to battle the Mars forces. The Liberation army fights off the first wave of fighters, but when they descend into the atmosphere they discover that the Inbit have done something to the atmosphere. All the attack shuttles begin to burn up in the atmosphere, though Stig figures out how to slow his descent. Marlene dies, and Stig seems to be the only survivor.

Stig is now alone on the Earth, and only has one driving force: get to Reflex Point, the Inbit headquarters in North America. In his crashed Legoiss, Stig takes out a bike, called a Mospeada, which can also transform into an armored suit around the rider.

As Stig journeys to Reflex Point, he meets up with a group of people who either have no where else to go, or have something against the Inbit. He first encounters Ray, a young man who stole a Mospeada from a downed attack shuttle as Ray was being attacked by some Inbit fighters. Our second companion is Mint, a very young girl out on the search for a husband. When the Inbit attacks Mint, Ray, and Stig, they get rescued by a girl in a red Mospeada named Houquet. Finally, the group gets rounded out by Yellow Belmont, a guy who dresses as a female idol singer, and Jim Austin, a repair technician and survivor of the first Liberation army.

I was surprised, but so far I?ve found very few differences between Robotech and Mospeada so far. Except for some name changes, the plot is basically the same. The characters getting together so quickly seems very rushed though. It would have been nice if they came together more slowly in order to facilitate better character development.

The battles are highly entertaining to watch. We have tiny little human fighters in Ride Armor in their Mospeadas battle armor battle the giant Inbit robots in a classic David and Goliath situation. When Stig gets into a Legoiss though, the battles become very one sided.

The show is still very much in the dark about why the Inbit have invaded the Earth, but I?m sure that will come along eventually. We?re also not sure why Houquet and Yellow Belmont have joined up either. Yellow is hilarious since the Japanese did cast both a man and woman for him. Stig just seems to be there for the ride.

Ok, now the important question, does Mospeada stand the test of time? I give it a resounding yes. Now, this could just be from childhood nostalgia, but I really enjoyed taking in the series again, this time uncut. Yes, the animation is very bad at times, especially during fights. The characters just seem to jump from point to point, but it?s still fun. The banter between the characters is great also. Sure, there are shows that are better animated you could get, but this is history, and I?m glad it?s a part of my collection.

Disc 2

The second DVD begins with three character exploration episodes. Houquet returns to her hometown, with Ray following her back. We learn why she left her town, and took to the road. In the next episode, Jim gets a bit more character development when we reach the hometown of a mentor from his past. Except, all we find is intrigue as the town tries to hide a horrible secret. On the third episode, Stig learns that his childhood hero is here on Earth, a survivor from the first Liberation Army, and Stig learns the sad truth that even heroes have flaws.

Jurassic Park comes front and center next episode, when Stig, Mint, and Ray fall down the rabbit hole into a cave filled with prehistoric creatures. Except this isn?t some Lost Land, it?s been crafted by the Inbit to study evolution on Earth. Why are the Inbit here? Finally, in the last episode, Stig suffers a demoralizing blow when he discovers that a large part of the second Liberation Army, which he though survived, turned out to be destroyed. In the middle of all this carnage, Ray and Houquet find a girl who has no memory at all. The girl reminds Stig of his fiancé, and they end up taking the girl along.

Things are moving along nicely in this next set of episodes. After the characters got thrown together quickly on the first DVD, we start to spend some time to learn about their pasts. What?s probably more important is we learn more about why the Inbit invaded the Earth, and why everyone is following Stig.

There are some great moments that we finally get to see that were cut out of Robotech. Yellow Belmont has a shower scene that Jim pops in on, that?s even more fun to listen to than actually see. The weapon arsenal builds for our rag tag group of freedom fighters. Things just seem to be getting better. I?ll have to immediately move onto the next DVD.

Disc 3

Yellow?s past gets explored in the next episode when he finds a girl from his past in a town preceding a mountain range our group of fighters must pass. The girl that the group found in the previous episode also gets named by the group as Aisha, which means queen. This is definitely a lot different than being named after Stig?s dead fiancée.

The group begins there?s journey across mountains, deserts and forests in order to get to Refless Point. Their first obstacle is an Inbit Fort in the mountains, which leads to some skiing, panty, and bikini adventure after they get past it. Aisha doesn?t have a bikini though, so that might be a problem. In the desert, Ray has a tumble and we get an amazing hallucitonaty sequence as Ray views the rest of this team in Greek armor while Aisha is being taken away by a dragon! Comedy gold.

Mint encounters a young man her own age, and the marriage bells ring again. Lastly, after being pursued by the Inbit for so long, Jim, Houquet, and Ray begin to take a hard look at why they are going on this journey. Their reasons for fighting are different than Stig?s and Yellow?s reasons. Could this mean the end of their journey of their journey together?

Disc 4

Our intrepid group reaches the northern shores of South America, and when they find an abandoned naval base they decide to cross over the ocean. When they leave though, Houquet gets badly hit and they have to stop at an island in the Caribbean! Beach episode! A new form of the Inbit though comes after that, in the form of a woman named Sorji, who was Sara in Robotech. The group escapes though after Sorji has problems killing them due to some feeling she has for Yellow.

After this, all the rest of the episodes on this DVD seem like filler, with the tiniest bit of plot. In one episode, the group gets separated from their equipment and must come up with more ingenious ways of taking out the Inbit. The group discovers a town underneath some ice, and enjoys the long lost treasures of civilization and luncheon meat! Mint gets to have her birthday celebrated in one episode. At least we get a shower scene to get us through that episode.

The episode that really stuck out in my mind was when Yellow and Aisha find a downed capital ship inhabited by a bunch of old soldiers who have lost their drive. During the episode, there is a communication from outer space. In Robotech, it?s from a force led by Rick Hunter, but here it?s just the third liberation army announcing their coming. The group gets a new mission, as they are now to take out Inbit relay towers.

Sorji and Batra (the male Inbit) are our big additions now to the show now, and further explain what the Inbit are trying to accomplish on the earth. When Sorji meets Aisha though, the rest of the group finally begins to realize that Aisha might be a bit more than meets the eye.

Disc 5

We get some more character driven episodes to start out with. Houquet meets an outlaw in the first episode, who?s hunting down and killing soldiers. Her inactions cause dire consequences for the rest of the group. In the second episode, the group arrives at New York City, a place where Yellow always wanted to make it big. In the city, we meet up with a dance group practicing near the remains of Radio City Music Hall. Batra leads a group to attack the city, and during the fight Sorji confronts Aisha.

The final battle begins when a scouting party from the moon is sent to prepare the way for the final invasion. Our group encounters a girl named Shinobu, who?s to report the success of a new weapon to use against the Inbit. Stig finally learns Aisha isn?t human, and he can?t accept her any longer.

Soon we are ready for the final battle against the Inbit at Reflex Point, but can there be any resolution to this conflict. Both forces seem to be set in their ways, and won?t budge. The Inbit believe that the humans attacked their existence first, but it was the Inbit who came to the Earth from their dying planet.

Wrap up

The story does seem rushed in the final three episodes and I wish things were fleshed out a bit more. Especially as to why the Inbit chose Earth, and how the Inbit perceived their actions as justified, but we do find something positive about the Inbit at the end.

Wow, that was a great ride. There?s so much new anime coming out now, that the classic anime sometimes gets brushed to the side. This is one piece of classic anime that no anime fan should pass on. Not only do we get to see the whole story uncut, but also a lot of people will get to relive a part of their youth. You also get to see a lot more of Yellow than you did before, and more songs! I enjoyed the music in Mospeada immensely. With its great price, everyone should take a look.

Japanese Language,English Subtitles,Character bios,Clean opening and closing animations,Production portfolios

Review Equipment
Toshiba 3109 player, Toshiba 36? Cinema Series via component, Pioneer VSX-810S receiver via optical, Cerwin Vega front speakers, Pinnacle center and rears


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