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Got Game? MOTOCROSS MANIA doesn't

By James Stevenson     August 24, 2001

What do you expect when you buy a brand-new game for $9.99? For the most part, these new "value" titles aren't worth the CD they're burned on. MOTOCROSS MANIA continues that tradition.

MOTOCROSS MANIA gives every gamer their chance to ride motor bikes around dirt courses and perform cool stunts while you're airborne. The problem is that the racing sucks and the tricks are pathetic.

This is a genuinely bad game. While it offers a basic selection of modes and upgrades for your bikes, the gameplay falls flat on its face. The physics and trick engine are both terrible. There are invisible barriers on the track that frequently screw you up. If you opt to turn them off, an unforgiving three-second timer will restart you from the point on the track that you left. It makes the game extremely frustrating. The gameplay is just terrible.

The two-player mode also has no redeeming factor, as the gameplay isn't fun in the first place.

The graphics are horrible. Bad visuals and a bad frame-rate repulse the eyes. The frame-rate is slow enough with only your rider on the screen; get around a few computer riders, and it's downhill real fast. The music and sound effects are all super-generic and boring. Nothing worth listening too. Put in a real music CD and turn off the volume on your TV.

MOTOCROSS MANIA is not worth your time. There are better motocross games out there that are only marginally more expensive. Better yet, save an extra $10 and buy FINAL FANTASY TACTICS. You'll get more enjoyment out of its first level than out of all of MOTOCROSS MANIA.



Grade: F

Platform: Playstation

USBR Rating: Everyone

Genre: Bike Racing

Players: 1-2

Save: Yes

Developer: Deibus Studios

Publisher: Take-Two Interactive

Suggested Retail Price: $9.99




Graphics: D

Sound: D

Gameplay: F

Replay: F

Fun Factor: F

Reviewer's Wild Card: F

Overall Grade: F




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