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  • Toy Line: Masters of the Universe Classic
  • Action Figure: Trap Jaw, Evil and Armed for Combat
  • Distributor: Mattel
  • Suggest Retail: $20.00
  • Includes: Interchangeable left arm, Extra head, Removable belt, Power Claw, Laser, Hook, Shoulder pad, skull belt
  • Series:

MOTU Classic: Trap Jaw Review

A Club Eternia Monthly Figure

By Robert T. Trate     March 05, 2010

Trap Jaw, the latest Club Eternia Monthly Figure by Mattel
© Mattel/Bob Trate


In October of last year I took the plunge and bought my first Masters of the Universe Classic figure from MattyCollector. The figure that brought me to collect yet another toy line was Zodak, a personal favorite of mine. But this particular Zodak wasn’t the Zodac I thought he was (see review). Regardless the figure was incredible. I joined the MattyCollector site and became a fan of theirs on Facebook. I never realized how insanely crazy the Masters of the Universe fans were. Each day the MattyCollector page is bombarded with questions, pictures and complaints about the MOTU line. My singular buying experience was perfect and my obsession is no where close to these collectors so it has been a fun couple of months sitting back and reading the posts.
The Masters of the Universe Classic line is growing (see Toy Fair 2010). A line that is clearly designed for the die hard collector and available only on Mattel’s MattyCollector site. Each and every month there are new figures added to the line (see the schedule for March to June). There is also a Club Eternia Monthly Figure. This figure is only available to those that belong to the exclusive club whose figures have included King Randor, Princess Adora, Scareglow, Teela, Webstor and the soon to be released Wun-Dar. Last month MattyCollector’s Club Eternia figure was Trap Jaw. A fan favorite and a good indication that being a member of Club Eternia might be the best way to go to get the figures you truly want. Take note. The first few figures many regular collectors might look past. Sure an Adora and King Randor are great characters but action figures? Throw Teela and Webstor into that mix and the trend is obviously changing. Trap Jaw is a must have for collectors and fans alike. Damn you MattyCollector. Damn you!



Trap Jaw action figure

Mattel was gracious enough to supply your Toy Maniac with Trap Jaw. The biggest debate then became whether or not to open him. Truthfully, I thought about putting it up on eBay for all of two seconds then I opened him. I always wanted Trap Jaw. As bungling and as goofy as he was on the TV show, Trap Jaw was always a bad ass on the backyard battlefield. Again MattyCollector surpassed my expectations with a full back story for the character. Who knew that he and Tri-Klops were so close? To top it all off Mattel supplied Trap Jaw with his original arm and head as well (pre-accident).   
The Package:


Trap Jaw action figure

Trap Jaw action figure

The package has not changed since Mattel started line. What makes the packaging of these figures and their shipping special is the outside collector’s box. The difference now is that Trap Jaw’s box was labeled. A nice feature when you have more than one of these figures. The white box also makes it perfect for storing. The back of the package features only the bad guys yet like the front it has no indication that this was a Club Eternia only figure. The bio on Trap Jaw makes you wonder if Mattel is getting ready to either re-launch this as a comic or a new show. How can they not with the detailed back stories they keep supplying the fans.

Trap Jaw action figure

As I said before Trap Jaw was always a bad ass. The paint job is spectacular and his metallic human arm blends right into his dark blue skin. The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul and if that is true Trap Jaw’s reveal pure insanity. The jaw with the massive under bite is of course great but it is the remnants of the old jaw underneath that are truly haunting. The mechanical arm has some muscle to it which is funny because on the old TV show He-Man often bent this back. Trap Jaw’s boots are also amazing completely giving him that warrior stance the character so desperately needs. Even the bottoms of his boots have detail.
Articulation and Accessories:

Trap Jaw action figure

Trap Jaw was once referred to as the “wizard of weapons” by Skeletor. He might actually be the first new MOTU Classic figure to have the most accessories. Many come with two different heads but Trap Jaw comes with two different arms, let alone 3 different attachments for one of them. Be careful changing out the arm attachments. Grasp them by the tiny hook (used for hanging them off his belt), anywhere else and it will only cause unwanted stress on the accessory. Changing out the arm and head to make Kronis, who Trap Jaw was before, was a must. The head and arm come off easily yet one must place the arm joint’s knob at a 90 degree angle to get it to fit back in properly.

Trap Jaw action figure

Trap Jaw can easily stand in a variety of positions and poses. That is if you are so inclined to take him out of the box. The foreseeable problem may lay with how often you keep changing Trap Jaw. Whether it is back into Kronis or the variety of weapons he comes with. Trap Jaw does indicate one thing; a Modulok can’t be far off.

Trap Jaw action figure

Thank you, MattyCollector for creating this awesome MOTU Classic figure. Trap Jaw is everything you could want from a toy. Few toys have incredible poseabilty, a brilliant sculpt, multiple weapons and instant collectability. My ranks of MOTU Classic figures have swelled to two. March 15th can’t come soon enough when Stratos and Man-at-Arms will join the collection.
Robert Trate writes two weekly columns for Mania the DVD Shopping Bag and the Toy Maniac. Robert also participates in a pod cast that reviews movies, comics and celebrates all things geek. Check it out at You’ve Got Geek on


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DarthDuck 3/5/2010 6:24:01 AM

Glad to see you returning to review this line and I love your review!  (That coming from a guy who works for 'Pixel' Dan)

He really is an amazing figure.  Some never leave their boxes but there was no hesitation in releasing trap Jaw, he just too cool.  Kronis is rather boring compared to Trap Jaw so I have him displayed with Trap Jaw head, mouth slightly open and the gun on his robotic arm.

Again, great review and I love the pics you included.  The old weapons rack from Grayskull?  Hilarious!

Keep 'em coming!

themovielord 3/5/2010 10:54:14 AM

Darth Duck, thanks for the praise... I am trying to get more of these figures but the once a month sale and their availablity makes it tough...  Thankfully I got to feature a ton of them in the Toy Fair review

Galmorzu 3/5/2010 3:01:13 PM

Man-at-arms was the February figure, I'm actually surprised he isn't sold out yet.  I think March 15th is Stratos and Moss Man.

I'd love to see you tackle the new Battlecat for a review, though.  That thing looks great from the pictures I'd seen.

batman2040 3/5/2010 3:26:38 PM

Good article, but just to clarify the "Club Eternia" guarentees members get the main figure that is available each month.  For example last month when Trap Jaw was released, members didn't have to log on to the site to order him.  The release day allows anyone to try...and I stress order each figure but some sell out in hours and minutes like Trap Jaw did.   The Wun-dar figure that is released next month is only available to those who signed up for the membership, he won't be sold on matty's site (only scalped on ebay).

themovielord 3/5/2010 8:55:15 PM

Crap on Man-at-Arms,,, Damn... he is sold out! Forget trying to get Battle Cat... oh well they re-release them so I guess I'll have to wait...



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