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Toy Maniac: MOTUC Fisto Toy Review

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  • Action Figure: Masters of the Universe Fisto Action Figure
  • Toyline: Masters of the Universe
  • Distributor: Mattel (MattyCollector)
  • Suggested Retail: $22.00
  • Includes: different head, two swords, and belt
  • Series:

Toy Maniac: MOTUC Fisto Toy Review

Man at Arms had a brother?

By Robert T. Trate     March 02, 2012


MattyCollector has released yet another fine assortment of MOTUC figures into their toy line. At Toy Fair they unveiled new figures for the year and had several that were just days away from being released (see Mania’s MattyCollector Toy Fair Releases). Of all those figures, Fisto was the one that MattyCollector handed out to the press. I wondered how good this new version of Fisto could be if they were giving him away.
A Brief History:

Masters of the Universe Action Figure Photos

Fisto was introduced into the Masters of the Universe toy line in 1984 and was packaged as the 'Heroic Master of hand-to-hand combat'. He appears in the second season of the TV series and would make four other appearances: "Fisto's Forest", "The Rarest Gift of All", "To Save Skeletor" and "The Games". In "Fisto's Forest", his origin is told while detailing how he was originally a villain who terrorized the forest in servitude to Skeletor. His only significant role is in "The Games" (watch the episode here on YouTube), in which he is selected to represent the side of good in a series of games set by an alien race observing Eternia. It was penned by genre scribe J. Michael Straczynski.

Masters of the Universe Action Figure Photos

Today, Fisto’s origins have been re-imagined. His real name is actually Malcom and he is the older brother of Man-at-Arms. “Malcom served under King Miro during the Great Unrest but was wounded in battle and stricken with magical amnesia. Wandering through Eternia, he settled in the Mystic Mountains in a mining settlement, unable to piece together how he lost his battalion. His life changed when the Snake Men attacked his town and he helped save the Masters of the Universe from their trap. But in doing so, Malcom shattered his right hand. In gratitude, Duncan replaced it with a robotic strong arm. Now known as Fisto, he has made up with his brother and fights as a heroic member of the Masters of the Universe smashing evil with his giant knuckles” – MattyCollector.
The Package:

Masters of the Universe Action Figure Photos

The MattyCollector MOTUC figures all come with that handy white shipping/ storage box. It’s comforting to know that their shipping cost, though high, are worth it. I like that I have something to store my MOTUC figures in if I choose not to open them. The secondary market also benefits from this as the dealers can pack and store them this way, too. You don’t see many tubs of loose MOTUC figures at a convention. As for the back of the package, the logo celebrating the 30th Anniversary of MOTU is a nice touch. There aren’t a lot of figures pictured on the back and really why should there be? With the internet and Mattel having a page dedicated to the MOTUC line, we don’t need to see every figure. With that said, I think figures tied only to this character’s origin would be appropriate.

Masters of the Universe Action Figure Photos

Fisto has a presence about him immediately upon looking at him. For a character that only had four appearances, one would think this figure would almost be either an after-thought or a mere filler to finish out the line. The design is incredible. The eyes of Fisto are piercing. The sculpt not only emits a strong warrior like stance, but looks like someone you would not want to mess with. The Four Horsemen have done a phenomenal job.

Masters of the Universe Action Figure Photos

Masters of the Universe Action Figure Photos

Fisto comes with two swords however both can only fit into one hand. Fisto’s power-fist doesn’t open or close making his left the only hand to hold a sword. A great perk to the original figure was the ability to use that giant fist to break things apart. Here, it is just decoration. Another odd thing is that Fisto can’t reach his giant sword. The angle for which it is slung onto his back should be going the other way. Finally, Fisto’s left hand is almost too delicate. With this being the only way to hold one of his incredible weapons, the hand feels as if it might break at any moment.
and Accessories:

Masters of the Universe Action Figure Photos

Fisto includes two different (#1) head sculpts so that Die Hard Collectors can have the head from the 2002 line. In all honesty, it is the better of the two. The giant sword (#2), with the awesome fist at the hilt (#4), is also in reference to the 2002 figure. The belt (#3) adds to the character and also gives him a different mid section. This is great for a line of toys that almost all had the exact same belt buckle and fuzzy shorts.

Masters of the Universe Action Figure Photos

Initially, I thought that when MattyCollector handed Fisto out it was as if they we’re unloading what would be the new unpopular figure. With that said, he makes my last purchase of Man-E-Faces seem foolish (see review below). The Fisto sculpt is incredible. That big-ass sword is totally badass. I felt as if I now have the William Wallace of the Masters of the Universe, who is ever ready to fight for the freedom of all Eternians.
The Original Fisto Commercial:

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