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jedibanner 4/13/2011 5:52:42 AM

Interesting, didn't know any of this. But reading stories of Cap abd Bucky in the old days, not really my thing. I like the way Cap is the big Cheese right now and though it was a great new way for him to be part of the Marvel U.

I hope that part of the equation continues...

GundamWingMan 4/13/2011 6:30:55 AM

I'm probably the only comic geek in this hemisphere who DIDN'T like Bucky parading around as Cap (in fact, I derisively called him "Bucky America") and was counting down the days until Steve rightfully regained the shield. However, I'm looking forward to the Cap & Bucky book as I love stories with them kicking copious Nazi ass. Should be lots of fun.

CaptAmerica04 4/13/2011 7:03:36 AM

Chad, I share your disappointment at taking the shield away from Barnes and giving it back to Steve Rogers.  I really liked the new take on Barnes-as-Cap, though they never quite got him out from under the shadow of Rogers.  

I know it's willfully naive of me, but I hold out hope that, someday soon, after the movies have been made and appreciated, Marvel and/or DC (and I bet it'll be Marvel first) will realize that letting characters stay dead and/or gone is okay, and let the characters start to evolve a bit more.  Barnes as Cap worked.  And though I preferred to see Tim Drake take the cowl, it was good to see Dick Grayson finally fill his "dad's" shoes as the Bat.  Time marches on, and part of life is seeing the next generation step up to make their own name or fill the shoes of their predecessors, for good or for ill.  That was one of the tragedy's of "Brand New Day/One More Day."  All the progress that Peter Parker had made was wiped away.

Thor may stay Thor forever, and we already know that Superman doesn't age.  Wolverine can last for a couple hundred more years, at least.  But Tony Stark will eventually find that armor getting heavier, Hal Jordan will eventually have to step aside (again) for Kyle Ranier, John Stewart, or some other ring-slinger, and even the Hulk will start to get a little long in the tooth.  I think that Marvel/DC needs to accept that time passes, and start working on the next generation of heroes.

Time marches on, even when you wear spandex and kick ass.

Wiseguy 4/13/2011 7:05:05 AM

I was/am with you Gundam just maybe not as vehemently as you.

Looking forward to all this goodness. A little throwback with today's edginess I think will make for great fun

GundamWingMan 4/13/2011 7:38:39 AM

Look, we all know (or should have known) that "Bucky America" was nothing more than a gimmick, and a temporary one at that. It was only a matter of time before Steve took the shield back, that's why I refused to warm up to Bucky as Cap. Hell, even if there wasn't a Cap movie coming out, Bucky's days with the shield were numbered, one way or another. But I'd be interested in seeing what happens in the future concerning Steve's role with the Secret Avengers, can't be fronting a covert ops squad while wearing the flag. Now THERE'S a gig better suited for Bucky, in fact, how about making him the new U.S. Agent!


8man 4/13/2011 7:55:25 AM

I've been reading comic books for almost 40 years.  Early on I realized that there were going to be generational things that happened that would chronologically distance the characters from our world more and more each year.

It's why I've always been in favor of starting over every twenty five years or so.  Same characters, just slightly different origins.  And relevancy to the current day and age.  Some day Cap's origin may not occur in World War II, but during the Iraqi War.  Not advocating it, just saying.

But yeah, Cap and Bucky smashing Nazis, that's good stuff!  And the Nazis are just so easy to root against.  The movie will own and I think Hugo Weaving will deliver a compelling Red Skull like Nicholson's Joker and Hopkins' Hannibal Lecter.

BunyonSnipe 4/13/2011 4:59:28 PM

The thing about characters like Cap, Batman and other heroes is that they live in this bubble, that changes very little.

In continuity Bruce has been the Bat not for 72 years, but maybe 8-10 years at most and with the exception of 52 and One Year Later in another 72 years, he will probably still have been the Bat for about a decade in DC time...

They have become over time more than just fictional characters, for all we know in a millenia or two they might be worshipped as long lost gods...

ChadDerdowski 4/13/2011 5:09:18 PM

Bucky as the new U.S. Agent?  Hmmm... you might just be on to something there.



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