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10 Video Games That Should Never Be Made Into Movies (Article) - 5/20/2010 4:36:54 AM

sean william scott as the paperboy??   only if it was done a few years ago during the american pie craze.

stifler delivering papers, now that would be funny,  I know it is only a joke, but I could see it

Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo Episode #07 (Article) - 5/18/2010 9:30:39 AM

the pervy magichian reminded me of the pervy spirit in inukami with his penis beam. LOL


I too hope for an unedited licesed version of this, and if you look at the show listing, it says the show is being presented by sentai filmworks, so maybe we will get it, and an english dub would be great to, no big deal to me, but friends I know prefer english audio over english subtitles

and this one has a kaze no stigma feel to it, except the main characture  does not act like a total douchebag. I could see this on the shelves at the movie store. kinda like kaze no stigma meets harry potter


FUNimation Licenses More Anime Titles (Article) - 5/15/2010 5:26:02 PM

I just hope they do not censor rosario vampire or Sora no Otoshimono,


flying panties are epic..... now they have more use for their panty paper airplanes.....

let's here it for flying panties, that is the video you should have posted.....

Media Blasters offers free DVD-quality Streaming to Fans (Article) - 5/14/2010 5:46:25 AM

I know what you are saying, I have seen the entire show in its original language, and have enjoyed the original voice acting, I guess for those who may have not seen it like that, they may not understand why I said that, I love therightstuf, my DVD of kanokon shipped out thusday night/friday morning, so I will be getting it  a week before official release Sweet......

I do hope thay add the token short episodes, that are on the japanese release, they are funny and really push the line, not as bad as the shorts on the ladies versus butlers release though, those are just crazy,

maybe if kanokon does good enough, they might consider ladies versus butlers, one can only hope,

Media Blasters offers free DVD-quality Streaming to Fans (Article) - 5/13/2010 7:36:55 AM

well has always listed kanokon with an english dub, but you better go and watch the first episode first, they went cheap on the dub. and I mean cheap, I could have done a better job using my crappy voice. the voice actors they used, need to stay doing hentai, and stay away from anime....


other than that, I prefer the original language anyway with subtitles, so no loss for me

Bandai Responds to Bang Zoom Podcast Comments (Article) - 5/10/2010 5:19:04 AM

I hate to double post, but I forgot to mention, I enjoy subtitles more than english dubs, I only listen to the english track when my girlfriend or my kids are watching with me, and I am trying to learn japanese so I won't need subtitles as much,

and I have already watched toradora completly, and it is because of that, I plan on buying it,  


Bandai Responds to Bang Zoom Podcast Comments (Article) - 5/10/2010 5:14:12 AM

I agree that toradora is one of the best shows in the last few years, and I do agree that an english dub would have sold like hotcakes, and I know by being a frequent visitor of funimations blogsite, that toradora was a largly requested show on the poll there, so why did funimation pass it up??? why did bandia not get it,  I find it hard to believe that a company that only did games,  can swoop in and grab a popular show,

I believe that the other companies were not interested in it, even sentai filmworks could have released it, and I would have been happy, they have been releasing a bunch of newer shows subtitles only, like asu no yoichi, and maria holic,


it is almost safe to say that none of the other companies wanted it, so NIS america decided to release it as one of their first attmpts at selling anime, and when I listen to the ANN podcast with NIS america in it, they seemed to almost pass it up also,

I have started to think that, the north american anime companies do not tend to license the shows we like for a long time, and in this so called global economy, I believe that the japanese companies need to start adding subtitles to all their blu-ray anime, so I can buy it as soon as it is releases, and not have to wait years for it to come here, and that is even if it gets licensed,


Bandai Responds to Bang Zoom Podcast Comments (Article) - 5/8/2010 11:52:16 AM

bang zoom is just crying because nobody wants to use them for dubbing anime, because funimation has all inhouse production, and even the so called new section 23 is using the old ADV group, and so the only thing they have is haruhi,  if bang zoom wants to dub anime so much, why don't they license a show and dub it them selves,  and keep all the profits, even a game company like NIS america is jumping in on the anime bandwagon, I already have toradora on pre order, would have liked an english dub for the girlfriend, but I don't mind sub only

FUNimation Talks Streaming Numbers (Article) - 5/8/2010 1:23:21 AM

all I hear is, my e-penis is larger than yours......... so with funimation, I get to watch the same crap in multiple places, but with crunchyroll I get the newest shows right out of japan, I will give funimation credit, you grabbed dance in the vampire bund, only to kill that excitment with the censorship word, not sure I can trust you with my DVD and blu-ray money now, and I wont go easy on crunchyroll either, you have only one show worth watching this time around, and that is Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo, heroman is just a slap in the face in my opinion, when good shows like working!!, Mayoi Neko Overrun!, K-On season 2, B Gata H Kei, and KissXsis are out there, and my only options to watch new episodes are fansubs,  where is the love from either side???????

and on that note, funimation, are you ever going to release shikabane Hime on DVD, or am I just out of luck,

Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo Episode #06 (Article) - 5/8/2010 1:08:21 AM

Out of all the new shows airing, this is by far my favorite, but I feel that more of the real story, and back story, could have been told without the whole cucumber scene in it, I feel this show stands on its own with out resorting to scenes such as that, but what do I know.....


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