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darkheart00 8/3/2008 11:10:17 AM
Younger children should have adult supervision for all conventions. Should there be an age limit? No, but parents should step up and take responsibilty for the things their kids are exposed to. Adult content merchandise be it comics or anime should always be screened for younger kids IMHO. If that means you have to walk around the next anime expo or comic-con for 12 hours at a time with your kids, then you better start working out. I let my children read or view some adult content anime, books and music for that matter but I most certainly go through it myself first and then make that decision. I'm not talking about older teens mind you, I'm talking about children. My kids are 4, 12 and 15. The 15 year old has a pretty good grasp on things so I'm not really worried about her exposure to some of this content as much as the other two. The 15 year old knows I am a fan of these things and I already have an open mind. She has no problem asking me about something if she feels the content is questionable. Beyond adult content material children should always be supervised because let's face it, not all adults who go to conventions are nice people. I would be more worried about leaving my younger children exposed to predators than seeing a naked anime character or hearing adult lyrics on some new album.


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