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CaptAmerica04 8/1/2013 6:28:47 PM

Wiseman (not to be confused with Wiseguy) = bad thing.  Very bad.  I'm hoping that Sleepy Hollow won't suffer too much from his interference, because I kinda dig the premise.

An old school remake of the original Boris Karloff "Mummy" would be sweet.  Practical effects, little-to-no CGI, and a story of character and suspense, not gore and idiocy.  Ah, I dare to dream....

Muenster 8/1/2013 11:24:34 PM

I'll do it. Excellent opportunity to make it into the DGA.

almostunbiased 8/2/2013 6:21:03 AM

I actually enjoyed the newest version of Total Recall.  Not as much as the first, but it was fun.

As for The Mummy.  I'm not excited about a restart.  I liked the first Frasier movie and the others were okay for a viewing.  I don't think we need more.  What's with all the Avatar hate.  Unless you mean the last Airbender, because that was the worst adaption in the history of adaptions.

Davewriter 8/2/2013 7:47:38 AM

But it is Hollywood... which means there will be a long line of producers, with each one needing to show just how "creative" he is.  So instead of a good small scale horror film - which so fits this charactor - it will have to balloon up into some world threatening plot.  The the duel of "creative thought" comes in.  "So then the mummy throws the sphinx..."   "And the hero has a talking wolf, who is really the spirit of Inibus...  " Then the hero meets a belly dancer, but we find she has strange mystical powers..."

Next stop... steaming heap. 

Slueth54 8/7/2013 4:38:48 PM

 Len Wiseman passing on Mummy reboot is fine, he should've passed on Underworld 3&4.

I am anxiously waiting for the Sleepy Hollow TV Show, I am crossing my fingers its a hit.

As far as rebooting a new Mummy movie, I'm not even giving it a thought, I'm content on watching my dvd of the old Mummy movie, maybe the first Mummy with Brenden Frasier.

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