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Musical Chairs at the Box Office

Early estimates were off; FANTASIA 2000 still strong in exclusive engagements.

By Steve Biodrowski     January 11, 2000

Most of the estimates for this weekend's box office were overly optimistic, with some films off by as much as $500,000. In one case, two films even switched positions in the weekly ranking when one came up short of expectations. Meanwhile, Disney's FANTASIA 2000 continued strong in its limited IMAX engagements, earning an additional $2.59-million on less than 100 screens in the U.S.

In first place, STUART LITTLE earned $11.21-million, about $300,000 short of predictions. Landing in second, one notch higher than expected, was THE GREEN MILE, with $9.7-million. (THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, which was supposed to be #2 with $9.8-million, instead wound up in third with $9.3-million.) The rest of the Top Ten wound up fairly close to expectations, with BICENTENNTIAL MAN evend doing slightly better than predicted.

Below are the genre films tracked at this weekend's box office. As always, amounts are given in millions of dollars, with the weekend take preceding the total gross to date.

Stuart Little (1) $11.21/$95.32
The Green Mile (2) 9.7/91.30
Galaxy Quest (5) 8.02/38.45
Toy Story 2 (6) 7.15/219.71
Bicentennial Man (8) 5.31/47.22
Fantasia 2000 (14) 2.59/6.94
The World Is Not Enough (16) 1.83/120.92
Sleepy Hollow (17) 1.11/94.72
End of Days (18) .841/64.53
American Beauty (20) .577/71.92
Being John Malkovich (21) .488/19.04
The Bone Collector (22) .401/64.31
The Sixth Sense (25) .332/276.86
Dogma (28) .240/29.40
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (29) .180/430.73
Bringing Out the Dead (32) .158/16.64
House on Haunted Hill (38) .136/40.70
Pokemon: The First Movie (45) .103/84.29
Fight Club (47) .094/36.67
Titus (54) .051/.167
T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (58) .037/27.31


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