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MUTANT X Stays MUTANT X -- For Now

An appeals court allows continued usage of name on coming TV series, though it may be temporary.

By Frank Kurtz     September 05, 2001
Source: Variety

The cast of MUTANT X
© 2001 Tribune Entertainment

Though Fox has moved forward with a motion to stop Tribune Entertainment from using the name MUTANT X on their upcoming syndicated TV series, the company won't be bumping the title any time soon.

Fox had put forth a motion that during an appeal over the studio's previously denied injunction, Tribune Entertainment should remove the program's title. The judges of the court denied Fox that request.

Meanwhile, the court did grant Fox an expedited appeal that requires both parties to file briefs later this month.

Fox maintains that the coming MUTANT X TV series infringes upon and causes damage to their own X-MEN film franchise. Fox previously was looking to see production halted on the series and/or the title removed. Previously, a New York District Court judge turned down the injunction to halt production of the series. However, though they allowed Tribune to proceed forward, the court also declared that the MUTANT X title did violate Fox's rights.


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