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The Mutants In And Out Of X-Men 2

By Kevin Leung     January 20, 2003

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Entertainment Weekly's January 24, 2003 issue boasts revelations of seven secrets from Twentieth Century Fox's upcoming X-Men 2 and features the character Mystique on the cover. Part of its "Guide To 2003", the magazine discusses plot points and background information that viewers should know going into the sequel.

Some of the more salient morsels include mentions of new mutants in action (Banshee, Kitty Pryde, and Colossus), likely cameos (Jubilee and Gambit), and the reasoning behind the redesign of Cyclops' visor. Production designer Guy Dyas explains, "I always hated Cyclops'goggles...They looked like Princess Leia, with those huge things on the side." The article mentions that Dyas also redesigned the X-Jet because the plane will be featured to a greater extent in the sequel.

The article goes on the explain why the Danger Room, the X-Men's combat training facility, and characters such as the Beast and Angel were dropped from the sequel. Filmmakers decided to cut Beast and Angel because they felt there were already too many visually complicated characters in the script. Similarly, the Danger Room set was abandoned before completion because special effects were deemed to be too expensive.

For the rest of the info pick up the issue at your local newsstands.


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