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My Beautiful Girl Mari

A fresh approach to animation comes in the form of this delightful new film from Korea. My Beautiful Girl Mari relates the story of childhood as told through the adult eyes of Nam-Woo. Nam-woo lives in a small seaside village and is suffering because everyone close to him has died, left or is about to leave. One day he discovers a magical marble in a toy store which, when he visits the top of an old abandoned lighthouse, transports him to an enchanted fantasy land where he floats on clouds, rides on the back of fantastic creatures and meets the mysterious, ethereal girl called Mari, who floats tantalizingly just out of his grasp. As an adult, Nam-woo reflects on what kind of impact Mari and her world had on his growth as a human being.

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Region 1 - North America

My Beautiful Girl Mari by ADV Films
My Beautiful Girl Mari by ADV Films
My Beautiful Girl Mari/A Tree of Palme by ADV Films

Region 3 - Southeast Asia

My Beautiful Girl, Mari by Other