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ScrappedAeon 9/2/2010 10:10:03 AM

Man, I was just watching the DVDs had no idea they edited it, since the first half's ending also ending in a panned out still shot.


Dunnoi why they changed it but I really like the full ending better =\

Hectotane 9/2/2010 12:31:37 PM

Last I read from ANN, Chris: FUNi stated that it was a "technical issue."  And rather than delay the show, they'll give it the audience a 19/20th - arsed show.

The people behind the show should suffer the same fate as the shounen lead IMMHO; but if it happened to a show I liked, then I wouldn't be too happy either.  i.e. Bible Black New Testament and "Thank You, Jerks Who Don't Put Money Back Into The Anime Industry."

Besides:  "Complete 2-Season Box Set."  They COME When You Build It!  :) 

Calibur454 9/2/2010 8:22:50 PM

If the ending of the credit roll is the only thing that has changed I can live with something like that. For the most part the show is still intact.

ScrappedAeon 9/3/2010 5:28:47 PM

Most importantly, the dub is awesome.  I'm really happy to see Bryan Massey in another role, even if it is somewhat minor and not as good as Ladd Russo.

METR0lD 9/7/2010 7:46:34 PM

 I've been watching it over the last few days, and it's really not a big deal. It's only the end credits, and the rest of the show hasn't been touched. Still very much worth buying, as the show is pretty damn funny, and the dub is excellent.



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