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  • Audio Rating: A-
  • Video Rating: B
  • Packaging Rating: A-
  • Menus Rating: B+
  • Extras Rating: C
  • Age Rating: All
  • Region: 2 - Japan
  • Released By: Geneon Entertainment, Japan
  • MSRP: �5000
  • Running time: 48
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: He Is My Master

He is My Master Vol. #2

    July 05, 2005
Release Date: July 08, 2005

He is My Master Vol. #2
© Geneon Entertainment, Japan

What They Say
Izumi Sawatari and her little sister Mitsuki decide to run away from home. They look for part-time jobs, but no one is willing to hire them, until they happen upon a job posting for a live-in housekeeper. The master of the house is Yoshitaka Nakabayashi, who lost his parents in an accident. The girls feel sympathy for him and decide to help. Unknown to them, Yoshitaka is a pervert who has a cosplay fetish and dresses them up in uniforms of his design. Just when they've settled in, a new maid named Anna joins the sisters and Yoshitaka has grand plans in store for the trio.

The Review!
This volume was viewed with the only audio track, a Dolby Digital Japanese 2.0 track encoded at 448kbps. No distortion or dropouts to speak of, and dialogue is crisp and clear. There's some nice directionality in the mix, with attention given to the sound effects and things like Pochi running around.

The visual presentation is nice for the most part, with an anamorphic widescreen transfer that's a treat for widescreen television owners. Colors are vibrant and linework is sharp with little aliasing. Unfortunately the video problems from the first volume are also found here. The look is overly-compressed at times, and there's noise in dark areas. The compression problems are highlighted in the show's logo and disc menu, while the noise can be seen in places like the opening sequence when the girls are silhouetted as they're waking up.

The front cover features a cute shot of Izumi and Anna in their maid outfits on a red plaid background, illustrated by character designer Kazuhiro Takamura. The back is pretty standard, with screenshots and episode summaries along with a staff and cast listing.

The first edition extra is a pair of calendar cards to go in the clear plastic holder that came with the previous volume.

The only menu available is all you need, with animated episode thumbnails, a full chapter listing, and direct links to the extras. The illustration from the DVD cover is used as the centerpiece, and the off-vocal version of the ending song is played in the background.

The on-disc extras are skimpy, with only a clean ending sequence and Geneon release trailers.

Content: (may contain spoilers)
The first volume presented an interesting, if not totally original setup with a male lead who's not afraid to go after what he wants, two girls in need of work, and an ecchi alligator all living under the same roof in an obscenely large and opulent mansion. Moving right along on this second disc, a third member joins Yoshitaka's maid staff and plenty of fanservice-laden shenanigans ensue.

As we've learned by now, Yoshitaka has a bit of a costume fetish, and when Izumi and Mitsuki remember that they need to go to school, he has uniforms ready for them and has them transferred to his school. Life can't be too easy though, and he stipulates that the sisters have to serve him there as well, much to Izumi's chagrin. Luckily, she seems to hit it off at school with everyone, and they admire her athletic and academic talent while wondering why she does things for Yoshitaka. Mitsuki is also popular at school, and a group of male students forms a guardian/fan club for her.

Despite Yoshitaka being disliked by most of his classmates, one of them named Anna pulls Izumi aside and tells her to stay away from him. After overcoming her shock over someone actually liking Yoshitaka, Izumi tries her best to convince Anna that he's a terrible guy. In the process of doing so she reveals that she's working as his maid, and the ever-dense Anna decides that she wants to do the same to get closer to him.

Out of nowhere, Mitsuki pops in and says that Izumi and Anna will be participating in a contest to decide who gets to be with Yoshitaka. The first two rounds are humorous cooking and nursing competitions, and the third is made up on the spot when Pochi shows up at the school and needs to be captured. Izumi participates in the contest to keep Anna away from Yoshitaka, but Anna misunderstands this and thinks Izumi did it because she had feelings for her. She then gets huggy on Izumi, and if the numerous shots of Anna drooling and grabbing her in the opening sequence are any indication, there'll be plenty more in the future.

The next morning Izumi wakes up to a kiss on the lips from Anna, who announces that she's the newest member of Yoshitaka's live-in maid team. The shock doesn't get a chance to set in, because it seems like Mitsuki's guardian/fan club has decided to liberate her from under Yoshitaka's control, seemingly against her wishes. After fighting against the kidnappers and racking up even more damage to Yoshitaka's belongings, it's revealed that it was all a setup by Mitsuki, who wanted to see love blossom in the midst of an intense situation between her sister and Yoshitaka. Cue more abuse and more lovestruck Anna, and this amusing slice of life wraps up nicely.

In Summary:
This volume was a lot of fun to watch, and deftly combined generous helpings of fanservice, action, and comedy into a tasty treat. Yoshitaka again showed moments of compassion that redeem his character, and elicits compassion for the greatly increased amount of abuse suffered at Izumi's hands in these installments. The introduction of Anna doesn't really change the dynamic of the show much, and her obsession with Izumi is more annoying than amusing at this point. As strange as it may be, the group is starting to take on a bit of a family feel, which is interesting since Izumi and Mitsuki left theirs at the beginning.

Japanese 2.0 Language,Clean ending animation,Geneon commercials

Review Equipment
Sony KLV-23M1 23" LCD HDTV, Toshiba SD-4900 progressive region-free player via Acoustic Research component cables, Sony STR-DE897/S receiver, Sony SA-VE367T 7.1 channel speaker system.


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