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Arrow and Supernatural Renewed

Vampire Dairies too

By Robert T. Trate     February 11, 2013
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The CW has renewed fan favorites The Vampire Dairies, Supernatural, and ordered a second season for Arrow. Arrow is one of The CW’s most watched programs averaging 4.3 Million viewers. Supernatural is now the longest running show on The CW as it will now face its 9th season. The Vampire Dairies will now pass its 100th episode in season 5. 

The Hollywood Reporter had this to say about Arrow: “The second-season renewal for DC Comics adaptation Arrow comes as little surprise. The Stephen Amell starrer from showrunner Greg Berlanti launched big for the network in October -- where it premiered away from the typical September clutter of premiere week -- to a 1.3 rating in the advertiser-coveted adults 18-49 demographic and 4.14 million viewers”.

So Maniacs, are you ready for even more Vampire Dairies, Supernatural, and Arrow?


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SarcasticCaveman 2/12/2013 12:05:52 AM

 Ready for more Supernatural, definitely.  I'm teen vampired out, and never got into Arrow...I've heard good things, just didn't start at the beginning and didn't make an effort to jump in.  Might have to check it out once it comes to DVD.

SarcasticCaveman 2/12/2013 12:08:46 AM

 Another thought - I really wish they would renew Supernatural for more than one season at a time.  Is that the reason why the last two seasons (season 6 especially) seemed to be hesitant about choosing a direction?  Season 7 got a purpose pretty early on, but it seems like with all the levels of society that the leviatians had infiltrated, that plot could have gone on much longer.  I just don't want to see such a rushed finish to the prophet and tablet storyline.  I'm digging it.

Dazzler 2/12/2013 4:03:49 AM

I should watch supernatural more.  I think it would have made my radar if it was on hbo or something with less restraint.

Arrow is a great new show.  I never thought it was going to make season 2 when I first heard about it. 

Vamp dairies is a solid show.  Not a teen romance drama show really.  I like they have goals they work on...finding cure for vampizm, is Elena sired to Damian for reason for her love...ok that is romance but it does work.  They do enough hardcore fighting and gore to satisfy those type of people. 


SarcasticCaveman 2/12/2013 5:24:06 AM

 Dazzler brings up something that I'm just curious about.  And Dazzler, totally not trying to call you out or make any suggestions here, just asking a question - I have friends in my day to day life who have expressed similar sentiments, and reading your comment just brought it to mind...

Paid networks like HBO, Showtime and Starz, and cable networks like AMC and FX have produced some great shows, no doubt about it, but I don't use those shows as a standard to judge shows on Fox or the question is, has AWESOME paid and cable network shows just ruined regular TV for anybody?  One of my day to day friends says he just can't go back to regular TV after shows like "Dexter" and "Game of Thrones"...just curious what other people think of this.

axia777 2/12/2013 6:24:56 AM

IMHO, SUpernatural is now as good as anything on HBO or Showtime barring Game of Thrones and Dexter.  Add to that Walking Dead for me and that is pretty much it.  I am was not happy that they went past Season 5 as it felt like the perfect ending, but with Season 7 I am glad that they did.  It is hardcore and very very well written.  Bravo to the Supernatuual team.

Arrow can piss off.  Smallville was a trainwreck and I am bettingt Arrow will end up the same way.  Not worth my time.

Vampire Dairies? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA No. just no. No X 1,000,000.


Iridan 2/12/2013 6:32:12 AM

Love Arrow. Glad it's coming back.

hanso 2/12/2013 6:38:46 AM

I dont see how cable/premium would ruin regular TV, and by regular TV Im assuming you mean network shows.  If you like comedies and procedurals you'd still have to check the networks, especially with the comedies where they remain on top., though cable seems to be stepping up.

The question would pertain more to dramas where cable/premium channels have dominated but even then the occazional good drama pops up.  Friday Night Lights and Good Wife were getting emmy noms along Mad Men, Breaking Bad, etc.  


hanso 2/12/2013 6:42:19 AM

 I dont love Arrow, I dont hate it either. For now if they keep making them I'll watch.    I sopped watching Super atural but been thinking about catching it on Netflix.

karas1 2/12/2013 6:58:37 AM

Glad Supernatural is coming back.  I don't watch Arrow or Vampire Diaries but I am happ for the fans of those shows.

I think there is room for all kinds of shows.  You can't really compare things like Game of Thrones with NCIS or The Big Bang Theory.  There is such a difference in budget and scope.  But all three entertain me.  I even enjoy a few reality shows, Top Chef, The Amazing Race and even (very) guilty pleasure Celebrith Apprentice (train wreck TV at it's finest).

It's like the difference between a filet mignion, a T-bone steak and a hamburger.  I love them all, depending on my mood.

monkeyfoot 2/12/2013 7:48:55 AM

Agree with Karas. TV has alot of flavors to satiate and satisfy. I bite into a variety of things, genre and nongenre, comedy, drama, and a touch of reality.

I've only seen one episode of Supernatural and it was good but I don't know the whole storyline of the series and haven't felt the urge to see a bunch more. Vampire Diaries has no interest to me at all.

Arrow is a fun and only slightly guilty pleasure. It is Dark Knight lite with gritty action and an interesting mystery. But it has a healthy dose of standard CW style with sexy girls and guys angsting over their relationships. Its ratings have been so good I knew there was no problem of it being renewed.

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