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Namco to deliver for XBox

IGN XBox claims four titles in development

By James Stevenson     August 21, 2001
Source: IGN XBox

Soul Calibur
© 1999 Namco

IGN XBox reported today that at Microsoft's XBox news conference next week, the company will reveal that Namco has signed on to develop four titles for the console.

This is major news as the XBox has received relatively little support in Japan. The conference is to give the pricing and release details, but the Namco announcement was to be an extra surprise.

Three of the four titles have been revealed. SOUL CALIBUR 2 will be the key title for Microsoft, as the game was just announced for the GameCube. Namco also revealed RIDGE RACER and DEAD TO RIGHTS for the XBox.

We'll have more details when the news conference actually happens next week.


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