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Mania Grade: D

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  • Art Rating: C-
  • Packaging Rating: B
  • Text/Translatin Rating: C+
  • Age Rating: 13 & Up
  • Released By: Infinity Studios LLC
  • MSRP: 9.99
  • Pages: 196
  • ISBN: 1-59697-101-0
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Nananana Vol. #01

By Eduardo M. Chavez     June 28, 2005
Release Date: May 01, 2005

Nananana Vol.#01
© Infinity Studios LLC

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Harada Show=Taro
Translated by:Je-wa Jong
Adapted by:

What They Say
Androids known as legions are humanity's greatest creations. They look, act, talk like normal people. So what happens when a female legion falls in love with a human man? Or rather, what happens when several female legions fall in love with the same guy?

The Review
Wow. I do not think another manga has tested my evaluation process more than this. I will just say what I feel and say the presentation is hideous. Seriously, there is nothing, outside of the simple back cover, that can be considered aesthetically pleasing. I feel sorry for Infinity for they tried to do their best with this title. Ultimately, Infinity who made the correct move was given some of the worst source material to work with. The front cover is monstrous! It features Model O77 on a blue background with an exploding box of doughnuts and SD coworkers. This image, which was also on the Japanese cover, with its large doughnuts and ugly SD designs is too busy and not at all appealing. The logo on the other hand is a good transition as it maintains the same size and font as the original. Top opposite cover is simple but very stylish. It simply is a blue cross with a "Na" in each arm. That image is surrounded by for smaller versions of the same cross. Very nice. All of this is done on a matted finish.

Inside Infinity has included a color volume header and contents page. Interesting move by Infinity. I hope they are able to do more of that. They have also changed the rest of their paper. It is very white. For those who bought the Wanderer or Charmer from Ironcat early last year this has the same feel and look. I don't like it. Too bright and the GN looks cheap. At the same time, the printing looks good on this paper and the paper weight makes this 196 page GN look a little more than half the width of a regular GN.
At the end of the GN Infinity provided a message from the mangaka, character notes, a couple preview pages and ads for Hurrah! Sailor, Popo Can, Peigenz, BamBi, Fighting Guidance and Cafe Occult.

Basically after their brief break Infinity has taken a small step forward and a big step back in regards to their presentation. Either way, it is good to see them try to change in some way.

Harada's art is not very good. I honestly feel he needs to learn how manga works or something. His pages are too busy, often filled with too many panels that have too much going on in them. He does not know when to lay off on the huge SFX. His text bubble placement is consistently compromising his character art. Manpu, like tension lines, are overused, filling up panels to the point where they are distracting. Harada does not seem to get perspective too well either, so practically every other panel is an extreme close-up.

The character designs are okay. There are some basic problems for me. Because of the overuse of close-ups I have a hard time with proportion. And when we do get to see the bodies of the cast they are in a clunky SD. The girls tend to have decent bodylines. Their uniforms that capture curves very well accentuate them. That is not an option for the male characters. They are all goofy looking. Lead male Nanami is supposed to be pretty tall but he always looks as short as the shorter characters and he his face is just whacked - tiny little glasses and half of his hair is bleached blonde. Why? And why does he have a bunch of women after him? (It's not the personality.)

Is hiring a proofreader too much to ask? I cannot count how many times they misspelled “Precinct”? They spelled it “prescient” over and over. I also believe Infinity's typesetter does not have apostrophes or quotation marks either, for they never show up. The errors are extremely distracting, so I hope future printings will have these issues corrected.

SFX are really nice. SFX are subbed with translations that are smaller than the original to try to preserve Harada's art. With all of the action in this series, seeing small subs is a perfect way to keep readers into the art and not even more frustrated by clutter.

Years ago, Nanami got to experience first hand the true beauty of legions. Many consider them simple androids, but Nanami saw how wrong these people are. He witnessed their dedication. He got to see their fearlessness. He felt their respect for human life. Nanami is alive because of legions. Now his life is dedicated to caring for them. It has been a long time coming for Nanami, five years really, and now he is given a chance to repay legions and support the community as well.

Well, Nanami is going to repay all right. He thought he was being assigned to a quiet precinct where he would spend his days repairing legions (hopefully one with male settings). He was excited about the position, but was not aware of what was waiting for him there. Upon his arrival he found a district ravaged and almost entirely leveled. There are few people living in this part of town and the station he was assigned to was a pile of rubble and rebar. This place sure looks like it is need of security and emergency services, but apart from Nanami who just arrived no one was around.

Who would assign a rookie to a station that does not exist? What would be the purpose behind that? It has to be coming from someone on the inside, possibly someone with a motive to get back at Nanami. But what has he done? He sure does not know, but those are often the worst mistakes.

Everyone remembers their first love. I met mine in high school. She looked so hot in a soccer uniform and the way she bowled... drool! I will not forget the time we spent together. Those memories will stay with me for the rest of my life. That said I love ladies in long socks and don't get me started on pin action.

Nanami's first love happened to be a robot. He fell in love with the robot that sacrificed itself to protect him. She might be history now, but Nanami is still infatuated with that same old obsolete 077 model. He became a mechanic to increase his chances of possibly running into that heroic 077 he ran into five years ago.

In NanaNana robots fall in love too. Nanami's 077 (Nana) is out there running searching for Nanami. Who knows why she fell for him, maybe it was the last thing her memory stored before she malfunctioned. Whatever the reason she wants to be by his side again, but that is not always possible especially when he works for the police department. He is going to have to put public safety as a priority. He will have to put his entire staff before him. There is no time for love or romance (Or is there?). And as the responsibilities quickly begin to pile up the last thing on Nanami's mind is the Nana before him. He has a Nana of the past to think about, for that Nana was the one that drove him to this place in his life where he can give back to those he cared for.

The idea for this series is cute, potentially fun and very derivative. That alone could have made for a cool mindless title with etchi tendencies. What we get instead is a manga that is completely lacking everywhere. Harada cannot draw manga to save himself. The layout is distracting. The perspective with its overuse of close-ups reminds me of a bad PokeMon episode. The character designs are goofy and inconsistent. None of this creates an aesthetic or mood for romance comedy. The storyboard is horrible. Chapters do not start or finish. Episodes just begin out of nowhere, so there is no real sense of continuity or direction. In the end I was just confused. I do not like the characters they are shallow and self-absorbed. And I have no idea if there is supposed to be a point. If I wanted a manga on cop romances You're Under Arrest is where to start. Mature readers with Japanese skills can go to Asami ~ the Chief of the Metropolitan Police. NanaNana should be avoided at all costs, unless you like ugly manga that does not make sense.


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