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  • Issue: Volume 27: Departure
  • Story and Art By: Masashi Kishimoto
  • Publisher: Viz Media
  • Price: $7.95

Naruto Volume 27 Departure

Adrianne's Review for Naruto Vol. 27

By Adrianne Hess, Columnist     February 16, 2008

Naruto Volume 27 Departure by Masashi Kishimoto(2007).
© Viz Media
Naruto Volume 27 begins with the first 3 chapters as the conclusion of part one of the series. These final chapters catch up with everyone after the Sasuke Retrieval arc to lead into where these characters will be in the years between now and the next part of the series. Jiraiya tells Naruto that he will train him for the next three years, Sakura becomes Tsunade’s apprentice. Since Sasuke is training with Orochimaru, this leaves all three members of Team Kakashi training under a member of the Legendary Sannin (Three).

      Part two of the Naruto series begins with the Kakashi Chronicles, which in this volume devotes six chapters to Kakashi’s history. Since this story takes place in a time when Konoha and other villages were struggling with the consequences of lengthy wars, there are plenty of good battle scenes in this segment. “A Boy’s Life on the Battlefield”, as these six chapters are called, answers some questions about Kakashi, such as how he acquired the Sharingan and why teamwork is his number one rule. However, as to be expected with a character as mysterious as Kakashi, not every unknown is revealed. 

      Kakashi has always been one of the most popular characters, so using the break between the two parts is the perfect time to reveal more about him. This is also an opportunity for Naruto fans to learn more about the Fourth Hokage who at that time was Kakashi’s leader. Obito, a member of the famed Uchiha clan and Rin, a female medical ninja are Kakashi’s comrades. The dynamic between the three of them is very similar to that of Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke, a fact which has surely amused Kakashi. With such a great ensemble cast, hopefully future chapters will be used again to reveal more about the characters’ histories.  


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