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  • Series: Natsu no Arashi

Natsu no Arashi Episode #04

By Chris Beveridge     May 03, 2009
Release Date: April 26, 2009

Natsu no Arashi
© TV Tokyo

The back story continues to come together as the relationship between Arashi and Kaya is explored.

What They Say
Knowing Arashi's secret and power, Hajime swears to keep it a secret, even though Arashi still doesn't believe that she's a ghost. One day, Hajime and crew, decided to take some photos of this black-haired girl to be the lead in an independent movie with the help of some other students. Hajime and Jun go along with Arashi to a photo shop, and after examining an old wartime photo they discover its a photo of Arashi, Kaya and another blond haired girl in the photo...

The Review!
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Natsu no Arashi is slowly filling in some of the background pieces so that we can catch up to the “current” first episode that revolved around the exploding strawberry. With Arashi having shown Hajime that she truly is a ghost and can travel back in time, he’s all ecstatic about their shared secret they now have and the bond that it’s created, at least in his eyes. Of course, Arashi doesn’t treat it the same way and has no problem telling anyone about it since it’s just who she is. But even with the proof that Arashi has shown to Hajime, he’s not exactly 100% convinced yet, which is really strange since you’d think walking around World War II Japan would convince anyone.

The timing is just right as we learn that there’s a group of students making a film in the area and they’re doing one based on the school where Arashi used to go to. With the premise of the ghosts of students who died in the war coming back in the summer to haunt it, they fell in love with Arashi at first sight and wanted to use her. Of course, she wasn’t there when they came to ask and they ended up with the Ark Master instead which proved to be spookily amusing. Arashi is interested in all of it though and signs on to participate in the event. She fits the role well for obvious reasons and she has that sort of classic ethereal beauty about her when they put her through the full process.

The other arc to this story involves having Arashi return to the school she used to go to in order to prove to Hajime exactly what she’s been saying since they first met. This has her pulling out a picture from one of the books in the library that was used as a bookmark when she was originally there that has her in it. It’s an amusing sort of proof but one that works more towards exploring her friend of the time, Kaya. The two were separated during the war and it’s only now once Hajime talks about it that she thinks about actually trying to find her to see what happened. Of course, we know there’s something different about her friend from then because we saw Kaya working there in the first episode. This area comes full circle with this episode and starts tying up some of the little areas like that which gets us closer to moving forward again.

In Summary:
Natsu no Arashi feels a bit more mellow this time around as Hajime isn’t getting into quite as much trouble and isn’t as hyperactive as he has been in the last few episodes. There’s a certain tranquility that exudes from Arashi which is nice and Kaya seems to have much the same, though there’s a bit more menace about her as well. Natsu no Arashi still hasn’t really gotten me interested in the show though because it’s still spending its time bringing the core cast of characters together and the opening episode with them together left me wanting to walk away from it overall. There’s appeal in it with the designs and the old school feeling of it, but it hasn’t connected well with me yet in terms of actual story. There’s a hint of subtext here about something bigger, with the salt guy and the other older man sitting there with him, but they haven’t given me enough to warrant coming back week after week yet.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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